Effective date: 2/25/2015

    Commercial and dooryard citrus nursery stock shall be propagated according to the following provisions unless for research purposes as provided in Rule 5B-62.026, F.A.C.
    (1) Propagative material including budwood, air-layers, cuttings and all topworking material shall be from source trees produced or grown in accordance with Rule 5B-62.012, F.A.C.
    (2) Budwood shall be taken under the direct supervision of a witness authorized by the department via a Certification To Witness Registration Budwood. FDACS 08111, Revised 03/14, as incorporated in Rule 5B-62.005, F.A.C. Budwood from each source tree shall be wrapped separately. Each bundle shall be labeled showing variety, the tree identification number and the number of buds counted or estimated.
    (3) All propagative material data including topworking shall be recorded on a Source Tree Bud Cutting Report, FDACS-08172, Revised 03/14, as incorporated in Rule 5B-62.005, F.A.C., and submitted to the Bureau of Citrus Budwood Registration at the time of collection. Persons authorized to fill out a Source Tree Bud Cutting Report, FDACS-08172, Revised 03/14, must sign a Certification To Witness Registered Budwood, FDACS-08111, Revised 03/14.
    (4) Propagations from each source tree shall be maintained in nursery rows or on greenhouse benches so that each group can be traced back to an individual source tree. Nurserymen shall use permanent tags to label each separate group of propagations with the source tree registration number.
    (5) All citrus nursery stock and propagative plant parts shall remain within the approved structure at all times or be moved under protective cover.
    (6) Topworkinig must be done using registered or certified budwood grown within a structure as described in the Citrus Nursery Stock Certification Manual, Revised 08/14, as incorporated in Rule 5B-62.004, F.A.C. Topworked trees cannot be moved after budding. Topworking must comply with subsections (1)-(3), above, all other propagation must comply with subsections (1)-(5), above.
Rulemaking Authority 570.07(23), 581.031(1), (3), (8), 581.1843(3), (4) FS. Law Implemented 570.07(2), (13), 581.031(1), (14), (17), (23), 581.1843(3), (4) FS. History—New 12-26-06, Amended 2-25-15.