Effective date: 8/1/2018

    (1) In order to demonstrate compliance with continuing education requirements, licensees must affirmatively declare completion of the continuing education requirements upon licensure renewal.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 61G15-22.006

  • Complaint: A written statement by the plaintiff stating the wrongs allegedly committed by the defendant.
    (2) The Board will randomly audit a minimum of three percent (3%) of licensees to assure that the continuing education requirements are met.
    (a) In addition, licensees audited in the previous biennium who failed to demonstrate compliance will be included with the group of licensees audited for the current renewal cycle.
    (b) A failure to produce documentation of compliance with continuing education requirements during an audit will result in the opening of a disciplinary complaint against the licensee for violation of paragraph 61G15-19.001(6)(s), F.A.C. If a violation is proven, the penalty shall be within the guidelines established by sub-subparagraph 61G15-19.004(2)(g)4.i., F.A.C.
    (3) The licensee shall retain such receipts, vouchers, certificates, or other papers as may be necessary to document completion of the continuing education pursuant to an audit for four (4) years from the date of completion of the continuing education activity.
In addition, the Board shall use attendance information submitted by the provider to determine whether licensees can demonstrate compliance.
    (4) In addition to auditing licensee compliance as provided in subsection (2), to monitor licensee compliance with continuing education requirements, any investigation conducted pursuant to section 455.225, F.S., shall be expanded to include investigation of compliance with continuing education.
Rulemaking Authority 455.213(6), 455.2178, 471.008, 471.017(3) FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 455.2177, 455.2178, 471.017(3). History—New 9-16-01, Amended 7-13-04, 8-20-12, 1-2-18, 8-1-18.