Terms Used In Florida Statutes 1003.4281

  • District school board: means the members who are elected by the voters of a school district created and existing pursuant to…. See Florida Statutes 1003.01
  • School: means an organization of students for instructional purposes on an elementary, middle or junior high school, secondary or high school, or other public school level authorized under rules of the State Board of Education. See Florida Statutes 1003.01

(1) The purpose of this section is to provide a student the option of early graduation and receipt of a standard high school diploma if the student earns 24 credits and meets the graduation requirements set forth in s. 1003.4282. For purposes of this section, the term “early graduation” means graduation from high school in less than 8 semesters or the equivalent.
(2) Each district school board shall adopt a policy that provides a high school student the option of early graduation. Each school district shall notify the parent of a student who is eligible to graduate early. A school district may not prohibit a student who meets the requirements of this section from graduating early.
(3) A student who graduates early may continue to participate in school activities and social events and attend and participate in graduation events with the student’s cohort, as if the student were still enrolled in high school. A student who graduates early will be included in class ranking, honors, and award determinations for the student’s cohort. A student who graduates early must comply with district school board rules and policies regarding access to the school facilities and grounds during normal operating hours.
(4) If eligible for a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program award under ss. 1009.531009.538, a student who graduates from high school midyear may receive an initial award in the spring term following the student’s graduation.