Terms Used In Florida Statutes 316.1303

  • Person: means any individual, firm, company, agency, organization, partnership, corporation, association, trust, or other business entity of any kind whatsoever. See Florida Statutes 403.08852
  • roadway: refers to any such roadway separately, but not to all such roadways collectively. See Florida Statutes 400.9983

(1) Whenever a pedestrian who is mobility impaired is in the process of crossing a public street or highway with the assistance of a guide dog or service animal designated as such with a visible means of identification, a walker, a crutch, an orthopedic cane, or a wheelchair, the driver of a vehicle approaching the intersection shall bring his or her vehicle to a full stop before arriving at the intersection and, before proceeding, shall take precautions necessary to avoid injuring the pedestrian.
(2) A person who is mobility impaired and who is using a motorized wheelchair on a sidewalk may temporarily leave the sidewalk and use the roadway to avoid a potential conflict, if no alternative route exists. A law enforcement officer may issue only a verbal warning to such person.
(3) A person who is convicted of a violation of subsection (1) shall be punished as provided in s. 318.18(3).