574-1 Married persons; civil union partners
574-2 Legitimate children
574-3 Children born to parents not married to each other
574-5 Change of name: procedure
574-6 Effect of change

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes > Chapter 574

  • Company: means any corporation, partnership, trust (business or otherwise), association, joint venture, pool syndicate, unincorporated organization, or any form of business entity not specifically listed herein and, unless specifically excluded, a financial institution; provided that "company" does not mean any trust existing on July 1, 1993, which under its terms must terminate within twenty-five years, or not later than twenty-one years and ten months after the death of individuals living on the effective date of the trust. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109
  • Conservator: means a person appointed by the commissioner to take possession and control of a Hawaii financial institution for a temporary period in order to preserve and protect the assets of the institution for the benefit of its depositors, beneficiaries, creditors, and shareholders or members. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109
  • Control: means , unless the context clearly requires otherwise, directly or indirectly, solely or through another person or transaction, or in concert with another:

         (1)  Owning or having the power to vote twenty-five per cent or more of any class of voting securities;

         (2)  Owning or having the power to exercise twenty-five per cent or more of the votes of a mutual association, credit union, or other entity whose voting rights are not determined by voting securities;

         (3)  Owning or having the power to vote ten per cent or more of any class of voting securities if:  (A) the issuer of that class of securities has issued any class of securities under section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended; or (B) immediately after the acquisition, no other person will own a greater percentage of that class of voting securities;

         (4)  Having the power to elect by any means a majority of the directors; or

         (5)  Having the power to exercise a dominant influence over management, if so determined by the commissioner after notice and a hearing. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109

  • deposits: means money or its equivalent received or held by a person in the usual course of business and for which it has given or is obligated to give credit, either conditionally or unconditionally, to a demand, checking, savings, time, passbook, negotiable order of withdrawal, thrift, or share account, or which is evidenced by its passbook, certificate of deposit, thrift certificate, investment certificate, certificate of indebtedness, or other similar instrument, or a check, draft, or share draft drawn against a deposit account and certified by a person, on which the person is primarily liable. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109
  • Federal: means belonging to, part of, or related to the government of the United States of America. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109
  • Financial institution: means a Hawaii financial institution, and unless the context indicates otherwise, a federal financial institution or foreign financial institution. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109
  • Hawaii financial institution: means :

         (1)  A corporation or credit union that holds a charter or license under this chapter or under prior Hawaii law, authorizing it to accept deposits, to make loans in excess of the rates permitted in chapter 478, or to engage in the business of a trust company; or

         (2)  A resulting bank as defined in article 12,

    and includes a corporation or credit union existing and chartered as a Hawaii financial institution or licensed to transact business in this State on July 1, 1993. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109

  • Passbook: means any book, statement of account, or other record used by a financial institution to record deposits, withdrawals, interest, dividends and changes. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109
  • Person: means a natural person, entity or organization, including without limitation an individual, corporation, joint venture, partnership, sole proprietorship, association, cooperative, estate, trust, or governmental unit. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 412:1-109