Whenever the corporate authorities deem it necessary to form an on-site wastewater disposal zone in all or a portion of the municipality, it shall by ordinance declare that it intends to form such a zone. The ordinance shall include:
     (a) a description of the boundaries of the territory proposed to be included within the zone, which description may be accompanied by a map describing the boundaries;
     (b) the public benefit to be derived from the establishment of such a zone;
     (c) a description of the proposed types of on-site wastewater disposal systems and a proposed plan for wastewater disposal;
     (d) the number of residential units and commercial users in the proposed zone which the municipality proposes to serve;
     (e) the proposed means of financing the operations of the zone;
     (f) the time and place for a public hearing on the question of the formation and extent of the proposed zone, and on the question of the number and type of the residential units and commercial units that are to be served in the proposed zone; and
     (g) a statement that at such time and place any interested persons will be heard.