§ 20-28-5-1 Responsibility for licensing teachers
§ 20-28-5-2 Rules; substitute teachers
§ 20-28-5-3 Requirements for licensing
§ 20-28-5-4 Application for license; oath or affirmation
§ 20-28-5-5 Out-of-state graduate applicant
§ 20-28-5-7 License revocation and suspension
§ 20-28-5-8 License revocation for a person convicted of certain offenses
§ 20-28-5-8.5 Reinstatement of revoked license
§ 20-28-5-10 Records
§ 20-28-5-12 Initial practitioner license; need to demonstrate proficiency; rules
§ 20-28-5-12.5 Alternative certification teaching license
§ 20-28-5-13 Examination for teacher licensure; furnishing test scores
§ 20-28-5-14 Initial standard license applicant; delinquent tax liability; individual on tax warrant list
§ 20-28-5-15 Teacher shortage areas; licensing and employment of individuals with postgraduate degrees; conditions for renewal
§ 20-28-5-16 Licensing program for charter school teachers
§ 20-28-5-17 Teacher’s license; STEM subjects
§ 20-28-5-18 Out-of-state license holder; grant of Indiana license
§ 20-28-5-19 Content area licenses issued by another state
§ 20-28-5-19.5 Elementary school teacher content area licenses; incentive program; recommendations
§ 20-28-5-20 Pass rate of content area examination for each postsecondary educational institution posted on Internet
§ 20-28-5-21 Career specialist permit; eligibility requirements
§ 20-28-5-22 Adoption of teacher licensing examinations
§ 20-28-5-22.1 Employment of unlicensed vocational program instructor
§ 20-28-5-22.4 Annual report regarding licensed teacher information
§ 20-28-5-22.5 Workplace specialist license; eligibility requirements
§ 20-28-5-23 NASDTEC agreement
§ 20-28-5-25 Professional growth experience points
§ 20-28-5-26 Training on trauma response
§ 20-28-5-27 Issuance of adjunct teaching permits

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  • Attorney: includes a counselor or other person authorized to appear and represent a party in an action or special proceeding. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
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