1. An interior design examining board is established within the bureau. The board consists of seven members: five members who are interior designers who are registered under this chapter and who have been in the active practice of interior design for not less than five years, the last two of which shall have been in Iowa; and two members who are not registered under this chapter and who shall represent the general public. Members shall be appointed by the governor subject to confirmation by the senate.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 544C.2

  • Board: means the interior design examining board established pursuant to this chapter. See Iowa Code 544C.1
  • Bureau: means the professional licensing and regulation bureau of the banking division of the department of commerce. See Iowa Code 544C.1
  • Interior design: means the design of interior spaces including the preparation of documents relating to space planning, finish materials, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment, and the preparation of documents relating to interior construction that does not affect the mechanical or structural systems of a building. See Iowa Code 544C.1
 2. Professional associations or societies composed of interior designers may recommend the names of potential board members to the governor, but the governor is not bound by the recommendations. A board member is not required to be a member of any professional association or society composed of registered interior designers.
 3. Appointments shall be for three-year terms and shall commence and end as provided in section 69.19. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the governor and shall require senate confirmation. Members shall serve no more than three terms or nine years, whichever is less.