Chapter 1 Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of the State 1.1 – 1.18
Chapter 1A Great Seal of Iowa 1A.1
Chapter 1B State Flag 1B.1 – 1B.3
Chapter 1C Public Holidays and Recognition Days 1C.1 – 1C.16
Chapter 1D Iowa Standard Time 1D.1 – 1D.2
Chapter 2 General Assembly 2.1 – 2.69
Chapter 2A Legislative Services Agency 2A.1 – 2A.7
Chapter 2B Legal Publications 2B.1 – 2B.40
Chapter 2C Ombudsman 2C.1 – 2C.23
Chapter 2D International Relations 2D.2 – 2D.4
Chapter 3 Statutes and Related Matters 3.1 – 3.20
Chapter 4 Construction of Statutes 4.1 – 4.14
Chapter 5 Uniform State Laws 5.1 – 5.4
Chapter 6A Eminent Domain Law (Condemnation) 6A.1 – 6A.24
Chapter 6B Procedure Under Eminent Domain 6B.1 – 6B.61
Chapter 7 Governor and Lieutenant Governor 7.1 – 7.22
Chapter 7A Official Reports and Miscellaneous Publications 7A.1 – 7A.30
Chapter 7C Private Activity Bond Allocation Act 7C.1 – 7C.13
Chapter 7D Executive Council 7D.1 – 7D.35
Chapter 7E Executive Branch Organization and Responsibilities 7E.1 – 7E.8
Chapter 7F Office for State-Federal Relations 7F.1
Chapter 8 Department of Management — Budget and Financial Control Act 8.1 – 8.75
Chapter 8A Department of Administrative Services 8A.101 – 8A.519
Chapter 8B Information Technology 8B.1 – 8B.33
Chapter 8C Iowa Cell Siting Act 8C.1 – 8C.9
Chapter 8D Iowa Communications Network 8D.1 – 8D.14
Chapter 8E State Government Accountability (Accountable Government Act) 8E.101 – 8E.301
Chapter 8F Government Accountability — Service Contracts 8F.1 – 8F.5
Chapter 8G Taxation Transparency and Disclosure 8G.1 – 8G.13
Chapter 9 Secretary of State 9.1 – 9.8
Chapter 9A Uniform Athlete Agents Act 9A.101 – 9A.120
Chapter 9B Notarial Acts 9B.1 – 9B.31
Chapter 9C Transient Merchants 9C.1 – 9C.10
Chapter 9D Travel Agencies and Agents 9D.1 – 9D.5
Chapter 9E Address Confidentiality Program 9E.1 – 9E.8
Chapter 9F Census 9F.1 – 9F.6
Chapter 9G Land Office 9G.1 – 9G.14
Chapter 9H Corporate or Partnership Farming 9H.1 – 9H.5
Chapter 9I Nonresident Aliens — Land Ownership 9I.1 – 9I.12
Chapter 10 Agricultural Landholding Restrictions 10.1 – 10.14
Chapter 10A Department of Inspections and Appeals 10A.101 – 10A.802
Chapter 10B Agricultural Landholding Reporting 10B.1 – 10B.7
Chapter 10D Agricultural Land Interests of Qualified Enterprises 10D.1 – 10D.3
Chapter 11 Auditor of State 11.1 – 11.54
Chapter 12 Treasurer of State 12.1 – 12.91
Chapter 12A Uniform Finance Procedures for State-Issued Bonds 12A.1 – 12A.13
Chapter 12B Security of the Revenue 12B.1 – 12B.18
Chapter 12C Deposit of Public Funds 12C.1 – 12C.29
Chapter 12D Iowa Educational Savings Plan Trust 12D.1 – 12D.11
Chapter 12E Tobacco Settlement Authority 12E.1 – 12E.18
Chapter 12F Restrictions On Sudan-Related Investments 12F.1 – 12F.7
Chapter 12G Financial Literacy Program 12G.1 – 12G.2
Chapter 12H Restrictions On Iran-Related Investments 12H.1 – 12H.7
Chapter 12I Disabilities Expenses Savings Plan Trust 12I.1 – 12I.11
Chapter 12J Restrictions Regarding Companies Boycotting Israel 12J.1 – 12J.7
Chapter 13 Attorney General 13.1 – 13.34
Chapter 13A Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator 13A.1 – 13A.11
Chapter 13B Public Defenders 13B.1 – 13B.12
Chapter 13C Organizations Soliciting Public Donations 13C.1 – 13C.8
Chapter 14A Deputies of State Officers 14A.1 – 14A.2
Chapter 15 Economic Development Authority 15.101 – 15.421
Chapter 15A Use of Public Funds to Aid Economic Development 15A.1 – 15A.9
Chapter 15B Apprenticeship Training Program 15B.1 – 15B.4
Chapter 15C Future Ready Iowa Apprenticeship Program 15C.1
Chapter 15E Development Activities 15E.1 – 15E.363
Chapter 15F Community Attraction and Tourism Development 15F.101 – 15F.403
Chapter 15H Iowa Commission On Volunteer Service 15H.1 – 15H.10
Chapter 15J Iowa Reinvestment Act 15J.1 – 15J.8
Chapter 16 Iowa Finance Authority 16.1 – 16.221
Chapter 17A Iowa Administrative Procedure Act 17A.1 – 17A.34
Chapter 18B Land Use — Smart Planning 18B.1 – 18B.2
Chapter 19B Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action 19B.1 – 19B.12
Chapter 20 Public Employment Relations (Collective Bargaining) 20.1 – 20.33
Chapter 21 Official Meetings Open to Public (Open Meetings) 21.1 – 21.11
Chapter 22 Examination of Public Records (Open Records) 22.1 – 22.16
Chapter 23 Public Access to Government Information (Iowa Public Information Board Act) 23.1 – 23.12
Chapter 23A Noncompetition by Government 23A.1 – 23A.4
Chapter 23B Transparency in Private Attorney Contracts 23B.1 – 23B.5
Chapter 24 Local Budgets 24.1 – 24.48
Chapter 25 Claims Against the State and by the State 25.1 – 25.8
Chapter 25B State Mandates — Funding Requirements 25B.1 – 25B.7
Chapter 26 Public Construction Bidding 26.1 – 26.16
Chapter 27 Monitoring Devices in Public Locations 27.1 – 27.5
Chapter 27A Enforcement of Immigration Laws 27A.1 – 27A.11
Chapter 28A Quad Cities Interstate Metropolitan Authority Compact 28A.1 – 28A.26
Chapter 28B Interstate Cooperation Commission 28B.1 – 28B.4
Chapter 28D Interchange of Federal, State, and Local Government Employees 28D.1 – 28D.8
Chapter 28E Joint Exercise of Governmental Powers 28E.1 – 28E.42
Chapter 28F Joint Financing of Public Works and Facilities 28F.1 – 28F.14
Chapter 28G Intergovernmental Solid Waste Services 28G.1 – 28G.9
Chapter 28H Councils of Governments 28H.1 – 28H.5
Chapter 28I Metropolitan or Regional Planning Commissions 28I.1 – 28I.8
Chapter 28J Port Authorities 28J.1 – 28J.29
Chapter 28K Mid-America Port Commission 28K.1 – 28K.5
Chapter 28L State Interagency Missouri River Authority 28L.1
Chapter 28M Regional Transit Districts 28M.1 – 28M.7
Chapter 29 Department of Public Defense 29.1 – 29.4
Chapter 29A Military Code 29A.1 – 29A.105
Chapter 29B Military Justice 29B.1 – 29B.130
Chapter 29C Emergency Management and Security 29C.1 – 29C.25
Chapter 30 Chemical Emergencies 30.1 – 30.12
Chapter 34 Emergency Telephone Number (911) 34.1 – 34.2
Chapter 34A 911 Emergency Telephone Systems 34A.1 – 34A.22
Chapter 35 Veterans Affairs 35.1 – 35.12
Chapter 35A Department of Veterans Affairs 35A.1 – 35A.22
Chapter 35B County Commissions of Veteran Affairs 35B.1 – 35B.19
Chapter 35C Veterans Preference 35C.1 – 35C.9
Chapter 35D Veterans Home 35D.1 – 35D.18
Chapter 36 Exposure to Chemicals — Veterans 36.1
Chapter 37 Memorial Halls and Monuments 37.1 – 37.30
Chapter 37A Veterans Commemorative Property 37A.1