§ 506.010 Criminal attempt
§ 506.020 Criminal attempt — Defense of renunciation
§ 506.030 Criminal solicitation
§ 506.040 Criminal conspiracy
§ 506.050 Conspiracy — General provisions
§ 506.060 Criminal solicitation or conspiracy — Defense of renunciation
§ 506.070 Incapacity of solicitee or co-conspirator
§ 506.080 Criminal facilitation
§ 506.090 Criminal facilitation — No defense
§ 506.100 Criminal facilitation — Exemptions
§ 506.110 Multiple convictions
§ 506.120 Engaging in organized crime
§ 506.140 Criminal gang recruitment — Definitions for chapter
§ 506.150 Criminal gang activity or recruitment — Actions not constituting defenses

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes > Chapter 506

  • Action: includes all proceedings in any court of this state. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
  • Continuing pattern of criminal activity: means a conviction by any member or members of a criminal gang for the commission, attempt, or solicitation of two (2) or more felony offenses, the commission of two (2) or more violent misdemeanor offenses, or a combination of at least one (1) of these felony offenses and one (1) of these violent misdemeanor offenses, on separate occasions within a two (2) year period for the purpose of furthering gang activity. See Kentucky Statutes 506.140
  • Criminal gang: means any alliance, network, or conspiracy, in law or in fact, of five (5) or more persons with an established hierarchy that, through its membership or through the action of any member, engages in a continuing pattern of criminal activity. See Kentucky Statutes 506.140
  • State: when applied to a part of the United States, includes territories, outlying possessions, and the District of Columbia. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
  • Year: means calendar year. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010