1.  By July 1, 2018, each school district shall develop a policy and implement a measurable system for identifying students in their ninth grade year, or students who transfer into the school subsequent to their ninth grade year, who are at risk of not being ready for college-level work or for entry-level career positions.  Districts shall include, but are not limited to, the following sources of information:

 (1)  A student’s performance on the Missouri assessment program test in eighth grade in English language arts and mathematics;

Terms Used In Missouri Laws 167.905

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 (2)  A student’s comparable statewide assessment performance if such student transferred from another state;

 (3)  The district’s overall reported remediation rate under section 173.750; and

 (4)  A student’s attendance rate.

 2.  The district policy shall require academic and career counseling to take place prior to graduation so that the school may attempt to provide sufficient opportunities to the student to graduate college-ready or career-ready and on time.

 3.  Each school district shall adopt a policy to permit the waiver of the requirements of this section for any student with a disability if recommended by the student’s IEP committee.  For purposes of this subsection, “IEP” means individualized education program.