If the deposits to any endowed care trust fund are less than the total sum required to be set aside and deposited since the effective date of such sections, the cemetery operator shall correct such deficiency by depositing not less than twenty percent of such deficiency each year for five years and shall file, on the form provided by the division, a statement outlining the date and amount such deposits were made.  If the cemetery operator fails to correct the deficiency with respect to funds maintained under section 214.330, the cemetery operator shall thereafter not represent the cemetery as an endowed care cemetery.  Any funds held in the cemetery’s endowed care trust shall continue to be used for endowed care for that cemetery.  The cemetery operator shall remain subject to the provisions of sections 214.270 to 214.410 for any cemetery or any section of the cemetery for which endowed care payments have been collected, subject to the penalties contained in section 214.410, and civil actions as well as subject to any regulations promulgated by the division.  For purposes of this section, the term “deficiency” shall mean a deficiency in the amount required to be deposited pursuant to section 214.320, or a deficiency created by disbursements in excess of what is permitted under section 214.330 and shall not include or be affected by deficiencies or shortages caused by the fluctuating value of investments.