§ 174.010 State divided into seven college districts
§ 174.020 Names of state colleges and universities
§ 174.025 Junior college to be referred to as community college in state statutes
§ 174.030 Board authorized to change name — does not grant additional powers or ..
§ 174.040 Board of regents, how known — general powers
§ 174.042 Central Missouri State University, authority to convey certain mineral ..
§ 174.050 Membership of board of regents
§ 174.055 Student representative to board of regents or governors — appointment, ..
§ 174.060 Appointment of boards
§ 174.070 Regents’ term of office
§ 174.080 Organization of boards
§ 174.090 Quorum, what constitutes majority of all members, when necessary
§ 174.100 Meetings of boards — regular and special — compensation
§ 174.105 Attendance policy for members of governing boards
§ 174.110 Boards to make rules for own government
§ 174.120 College under general control and management of regents
§ 174.125 Teacher-training institutions to provide physical education courses, first ..
§ 174.130 Boards to regulate admission of students
§ 174.140 Employees — terms, compensation, retirement, workers’ compensation for
§ 174.150 Causes for removal of president or teacher — notice and hearing — right of ..
§ 174.160 Authority to confer degrees
§ 174.170 Annual report, contents
§ 174.180 Treasurer to furnish bond — duties — reports
§ 174.190 Duties of the secretary — compensation
§ 174.200 Funds must not be diverted
§ 174.210 Indebtedness, how paid
§ 174.220 No officer or employee shall be interested in the sale of school supplies ..
§ 174.225 No state college or university to seek land grant designation or research ..
§ 174.230 Missouri Southern State College — established, when — district
§ 174.231 Missouri Southern State University, mission statement — discontinuance of ..
§ 174.233 Missouri Southern State College, three-year plan — review and approval
§ 174.250 Missouri Western State University — established, when — district
§ 174.251 Missouri Western State University, mission statement
§ 174.253 Missouri Western State University, three-year plan — review and approval
§ 174.261 State to fund universities
§ 174.270 Colleges subject to law — territory not to be in former state college ..
§ 174.281 Southeast Missouri State University, mission statement
§ 174.283 Northwest Missouri State University, mission statement
§ 174.285 Harris-Stowe State University, mission statement
§ 174.300 Harris-Stowe University — board of regents, appointment, terms
§ 174.310 Harris-Stowe State University, transfer of facility — operation — funding — ..
§ 174.320 Harris-Stowe State University, retirement system provision
§ 174.323 Central Missouri State University to establish an international safety, ..
§ 174.330 Institution may charge fees for certain services, electronic connection
§ 174.332 Northwest Missouri State University, board of regents, members, terms, ..
§ 174.335 Meningococcal disease, all on-campus students to be vaccinated — exemption, ..
§ 174.345 Long-term concession projects, concession agreements with private ..
§ 174.450 Board of governors to be appointed for certain public institutions of ..
§ 174.453 Board, appointment — certain residency requirements — terms, voting members ..
§ 174.455 Expenses of board paid out of revenues of the university — vacancies, how ..
§ 174.457 Board of governors, powers, duties, immunities and liabilities, compensation
§ 174.500 West Plains campus of Missouri State University established — mission ..
§ 174.600 Truman State University, liberal arts and sciences
§ 174.601 Truman State University, formerly known as Northeast Missouri State University
§ 174.610 Governing board to be board of governors — number of voting and nonvoting ..
§ 174.620 Board of governors, appointment — terms — expenses — vacancies
§ 174.621 Confidentiality of board members, recusal — meetings closed to student ..
§ 174.630 Organization of Northeast Missouri State University — new degree programs, ..
§ 174.700 Board of regents and board of governors may appoint necessary police officers
§ 174.703 Police officers to take oath and be issued certificate of appointment — ..
§ 174.706 Boards may appoint guards or watchmen not having authority of police officers
§ 174.709 Vehicular traffic, control of, governing body may regulate — codification — ..
§ 174.712 Motor vehicles on campus subject to general motor vehicle laws of Missouri
§ 174.750 Missouri arboretum created under direction of board of regents of Northwest ..
§ 174.753 Director of the arboretum, appointment — powers and duties — director to be ..
§ 174.755 Arboretum establishment on Northwest State University campus not to limit ..
§ 174.757 Director to certify copies of resource record reproduction — director to ..
§ 174.759 Friends of Missouri arboretum to be private support group
§ 174.761 Qualified arboretum sites to be accepted as established members of the ..
§ 174.770 Jim Sears leadership scholarship program for Truman State University, ..

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  • Appeal: A request made after a trial, asking another court (usually the court of appeals) to decide whether the trial was conducted properly. To make such a request is "to appeal" or "to take an appeal." One who appeals is called the appellant.
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  • State: when applied to any of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories, and the words "United States" includes such district and territories. See Missouri Laws 1.020
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