Part 1 General § 37-36-101 – § 37-36-102
Part 2 Regulations — Penalties § 37-36-201 – § 37-36-205

Terms Used In Montana Code > Title 37 > Chapter 36

  • Athlete: means a person who participates in an athletic activity that involves exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, flexibility, range of motion, speed, or stamina and the exercises, sports, or games are of the type conducted in association with an educational institution or a professional, amateur, or recreational sports club or organization. See Montana Code 37-36-101
  • Athletic trainer: means an individual who is licensed to practice athletic training. See Montana Code 37-36-101
  • Athletic training: means the practice of prevention, recognition, assessment, management, treatment, disposition, and reconditioning of athletic injuries. See Montana Code 37-36-101
  • Board: means the board of athletic trainers provided for in 2-15-1771. See Montana Code 37-36-101
  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
  • Department: means the department of labor and industry provided for in 2-15-1701. See Montana Code 37-36-101
  • Knowingly: means only a knowledge that the facts exist which bring the act or omission within the provisions of this code. See Montana Code 1-1-204
  • Licensee: means an individual licensed under this chapter. See Montana Code 37-36-101