§ 79-101 Terms, defined
§ 79-102 School districts; classification
§ 79-103 Classification of school districts; how determined
§ 79-104 Classification of school districts; change; Commissioner of Education; duties
§ 79-201 Compulsory education;attendance required; exceptions; reports required
§ 79-202 Compulsory attendance; withdrawalof child from school; exempt from mandatory attendance; exit interview; withdrawalform; validity; child at least sixteen years of age; other enrollment options;later enrollment; effect; Commissioner of Education; d
§ 79-203 Compulsory attendance; necessarily employed children; permit
§ 79-204 Compulsory attendance; necessarily employed children; continuation schools; attendance required
§ 79-205 Compulsory attendance; record of attendance; annual attendance reports; made where
§ 79-206 Compulsory attendance; nonattendance lists; transmission to enforcement officers
§ 79-207 Compulsory attendance; entry or withdrawal of student; teachers’ attendance reports
§ 79-208 Compulsory attendance; attendance officers; powers and duties; compensation
§ 79-209 Compulsory attendance;nonattendance; school district; duties; collaborativeplan; considerations; referral to county attorney; notice
§ 79-210 Violations; penalty
§ 79-211 Minimum school term
§ 79-212 Kindergarten program; minimum hours
§ 79-213 School; failure to maintain; loss of state funds; exceptions
§ 79-214 Admission of children;kindergarten; age; evidence of physical examination; visual evaluation; when;exception
§ 79-215 Students; admission; tuition; persons exempt; department; duties
§ 79-216 Children of members in military service; children of parents employed by federal government and living on national parks; admission discretionary; when exempt from tuition
§ 79-217 School board and governing authority;student; immunization against certain contagious diseases; exception
§ 79-218 School board and governing authority; immunization clinics; request assistance
§ 79-219 Student; immunization status; Department of Health and Human Services; rules and regulations
§ 79-220 Child; physical examination; visual evaluation; immunization; right of refusal
§ 79-221 Immunization; when not required
§ 79-222 Immunizations; provisional enrollment; conditions
§ 79-223 Violations; penalty
§ 79-224 Asthma or anaphylaxis condition; self-management by student; conditions; request; authorization
§ 79-225 Diabetic condition; self-management by student; conditions; request; authorization
§ 79-232 Legislative findings
§ 79-233 Terms, defined
§ 79-234 Enrollment option program; established; limitations
§ 79-235 Option students; treatment; building assignment
§ 79-235.01 Open enrollment option student; continued attendance; attendance at another school building; application
§ 79-236 Program; implementation
§ 79-237 Attendance; application; cancellation; forms
§ 79-238 Application acceptance and rejection; transportation for option students; specific standards; request for release; standards and conditions
§ 79-239 Application; request for release; rejection;notice; appeal
§ 79-240 Relocation; automatic acceptance; deadlines waived
§ 79-241 Transportation; fee authorized; reimbursement; when; free transportation; when
§ 79-242 Graduation credits; award of diploma
§ 79-243 School district; provide information
§ 79-244 Program; effect on contracting; child with a disability; restriction on transfer
§ 79-245 Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act; applicability
§ 79-246 Special education programs; reimbursement to option school district
§ 79-248 Pupils; health inspections; noticeof defects; contagious or infectious disease; duty of school district
§ 79-249 Pupils; health inspections; rules;duties of Department of Health and Human Services; compliance with MedicationAide Act; when
§ 79-250 Pupils; health inspections; when required
§ 79-251 Pupils; health inspections; duty of school board
§ 79-252 Pupils; health inspections; employmentof physicians authorized
§ 79-253 Pupils; health inspections; violation; penalty
§ 79-254 Act, how cited
§ 79-255 Act; purpose
§ 79-256 Terms, defined
§ 79-257 School board or board of education; emergency disciplinary actions; authorized
§ 79-258 Administrative and teaching personnel; authorized actions
§ 79-259 Student suspension, expulsion, or exclusion; not a violation of compulsory attendance; compliance with other laws required
§ 79-260 Notice; when given
§ 79-261 School board or board of education; powers; delegation of authority
§ 79-262 School board or board of education; rules and standards; establish; distribute and post
§ 79-263 School district; policy regarding firearms; requirements
§ 79-264 Student; exclusion; circumstances; emergency exclusion; procedure
§ 79-265 Principal; suspend student; grounds; procedure; written statement; conference; guidelines for completion of classwork
§ 79-266 Pre-expulsion procedures; when; expelled student; alternative assignments; suspension of enforcement; agreement between school boards; reinstatement; when; expungement
§ 79-266.01 Expelled student; enrollment in public school; when
§ 79-267 Student conduct constituting groundsfor long-term suspension, expulsion, or mandatory reassignment; enumerated;alternatives for truant or tardy students
§ 79-268 Long-term suspension, expulsion, or mandatory reassignment; procedures; enumerated
§ 79-269 Long-term suspension, expulsion, or mandatory reassignment; hearing; procedure; hearing examiner; how designated; examination of records
§ 79-270 Hearing examiner; duties
§ 79-271 Hearing; not requested within five days; recommended punishment; effect
§ 79-272 Hearing; requested within thirty days; effect
§ 79-273 Hearing; by whom attended; witnesses; student excluded; when
§ 79-274 Hearing; legal counsel; powers and duties
§ 79-275 Hearing; student; testimony
§ 79-276 Hearing; evidence on student’s conduct and records
§ 79-277 Hearing; rules of evidence or courtroom procedures; not applicable
§ 79-278 Hearing; witnesses; testimony; cross-examination
§ 79-279 Hearing; witnesses; immunity
§ 79-280 Hearing; recorded; how paid
§ 79-281 Hearing; joint hearing; separate hearings; when
§ 79-282 Hearing; hearing examiner; report; contents; review; final disposition; how determined
§ 79-283 Hearing; final disposition; written notice; effect; period of expulsion; review; when; procedure; readmittance
§ 79-284 Case record; contents
§ 79-285 Hearing; appeal to school board or board of education; procedure
§ 79-286 Hearing; appeal; school board or board of education; powers and duties
§ 79-287 Hearing; appeal; board; final action
§ 79-288 Final decision; judicial review; appeal to district court; other relief
§ 79-289 Judicial review; procedure
§ 79-290 Judicial review; transcript of record and proceedings; responsive pleading not required
§ 79-291 Judicial review; conducted without a jury; grounds for judicial action
§ 79-292 Appeal
§ 79-293 Nebraska Criminal Code violation; principal or principal’s designee; notify law enforcement authorities; immunity
§ 79-294 Removal of minor from school premises; release to peace officer; principal or other school official; duties; peace officer; duties; juvenile court review; when
§ 79-295 Corporal punishment; prohibited
§ 79-296 Anabolic steroids; additional sanction
§ 79-2,101 Public schools; membership in secret organizations, prohibited
§ 79-2,102 Public schools; secret organizations; denial of school privileges; expulsion
§ 79-2,103 Public schools; outside organizations; rushing prohibited; violation; penalty
§ 79-2,104 Access toschool files or records; limitation; fees; disciplinary material; removedand destroyed; when; sharingof student data, records, and information
§ 79-2,105 School files or records; provided uponstudent’s transfer
§ 79-2,106 Department; gifts, devises, and bequests; accept; loans; terms and conditions
§ 79-2,107 Student personnel services; supervision
§ 79-2,114 Act, how cited
§ 79-2,115 Terms, defined
§ 79-2,116 Legislative findings; discriminatory practices enumerated
§ 79-2,117 Rules and regulations; institutions adopt; department; duties
§ 79-2,118 Violation; complaint; filing; disposition; procedure; governing board; duties
§ 79-2,119 Disposition of complaint; claimant; acceptance
§ 79-2,120 Disposition of complaint; claimant; rejection; court action authorized; limitation
§ 79-2,121 Complaint; failure of governing board to act; claimant’s remedies
§ 79-2,122 Violation; complaint; prerequisite to other remedy
§ 79-2,123 Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act; complaint; applicability
§ 79-2,124 Act, how construed
§ 79-2,125 Act, how cited
§ 79-2,126 Terms, defined
§ 79-2,127 Student fees authorized
§ 79-2,127.01 Donations authorized
§ 79-2,128 Extracurricular activities; incidentals furnished by students; authorized
§ 79-2,129 Nonspecialized attire furnished by students; authorized
§ 79-2,131 Musical instruments furnished by students; fee authorized; when
§ 79-2,132 School store; authorized
§ 79-2,133 Fee waiver policy
§ 79-2,134 Student fee policy; hearing; procedure; contents
§ 79-2,135 Student fee fund
§ 79-2,136 Part-time enrollment;school board; duties; section, how construed
§ 79-2,137 School district; development and adoption of bullying prevention and education policy; review
§ 79-2,138 Act, how cited
§ 79-2,139 Legislative findings and intent
§ 79-2,140 Terms, defined
§ 79-2,141 Model dating violence policy; department;school district; duties; publication; staff training; redress under otherlaw
§ 79-2,142 School district; incorporate datingviolence education
§ 79-2,143 State school security director;appointment
§ 79-2,144 State school security director; duties
§ 79-2,145 Rules and regulations
§ 79-2,146 Suicide awareness and preventiontraining
§ 79-2,147 Legislative findings
§ 79-2,148 Return-to-learn protocol; establishment
§ 79-301 State Department of Education; State Board of Education; Commissioner of Education; powers; duties; vacancy, absence, or incapacity; deputy commissioner; duties
§ 79-302 Regulations; reports; duty of department to prescribe
§ 79-303 State Department of Education Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-304 Commissionerof Education; qualifications
§ 79-305 Commissionerof Education; office; powers; duties
§ 79-306 Commissionerof Education; State Department of Education; administrative head; duties
§ 79-307 School districts; numbering
§ 79-308 Teacher’s institutes and conferences; organization; supervision; grant funding to implement evaluation model and training
§ 79-309 Public schools; duty to visit and supervise
§ 79-309.01 Commissioner of Education; duties; use of funds
§ 79-310 State Boardof Education; members; election
§ 79-311 State Board of Education; districts; numbers; boundaries; established by maps; Clerk of Legislature;Secretary of State; duties
§ 79-312 State Board of Education districts; population figures and maps; basis
§ 79-313 State Boardof Education; members; qualifications
§ 79-314 State Board of Education; members; vacancies; how filled
§ 79-315 State Board of Education; members; officers; Commissioner of Education; appointment; term; removal; seal; powers
§ 79-316 State Board of Education; members; impeachment; grounds
§ 79-317 State Boardof Education; meetings; open to public; exceptions; compensation and expenses
§ 79-318 State Board of Education; powers; duties
§ 79-319 State Board ofEducation; additional powers; enumerated
§ 79-320 State Board of Education; liability insurance; for whom
§ 79-321 State Board of Education; State Board of Vocational Education; assumption of powers and duties; Commissioner of Education; duties
§ 79-401 Reorganization of school districts; findings; intent; goals
§ 79-402 Reorganization of school districts; requirements
§ 79-403 Creation of new district; requirements
§ 79-404 Merger of Class I districts within boundaries of Class VI district; not prohibited
§ 79-405 District; body corporate; powers; name
§ 79-406 Class II schooldistrict creation; board
§ 79-407 Class III school district; boundaries; body corporate; powers
§ 79-408 Class IV schooldistrict; boundaries; body corporate; powers; retirement plans; restrictions
§ 79-409 Class V school district; body corporate; powers
§ 79-410 Class VI school district; classification
§ 79-411 Class VI school district; junior-senior high school district created; procedure; vote required
§ 79-412 Districts; bordering on river constituting state boundary line; boundary
§ 79-413 School districts; creation from otherschool districts; change of boundaries; affiliation; conditions; petitionmethod; procedure
§ 79-414 Districts; change in territory; list of voters; accompany petition
§ 79-415 Changes in boundaries; creation of new district; affiliation; how initiated
§ 79-416 School districts; merger or affiliation; petition
§ 79-417 Class I school district; merger with certain Class I school districts; petition
§ 79-418 Changes in boundaries; creation of new school district; petition; requirements
§ 79-419 Districts; creation from other districts; petition; contents
§ 79-420 School districts; creation from other school districts; appointment of first school board; term; election of successors
§ 79-421 Territory not included in organized district; county clerk; notice; hearing
§ 79-422 Change in boundary lines; affiliation; bonded indebtedness; treatment
§ 79-423 School district boundaries; legal voters; vote at district meetings or district elections
§ 79-424 Petition or plan for affiliation; procedures applicable
§ 79-425 Petition or plan for affiliation; resubmission; procedure
§ 79-426 Petition or plan for affiliation; state committee; powers and duties
§ 79-427 Petition or plan for affiliation; contents
§ 79-431 Affiliation; districts subject to dissolution; merger authorized; state committee; duties; districts which become Class I districts and dissolved districts; actions required
§ 79-432 Act, how cited
§ 79-433 Terms, defined
§ 79-434 Reorganization of school districts; methods
§ 79-435 State Committee for the Reorganization of School Districts; members; appointment; term; qualifications; expenses
§ 79-436 State committee; officers; meetings; quorum
§ 79-439 State committee; duties
§ 79-441 State committee; plan of reorganization; review
§ 79-442 State committee; plan of reorganization; public hearings; notice
§ 79-443 State committee;plan of reorganization; contents
§ 79-444 Plan of reorganization; territory included; state committee; procedure
§ 79-445 Plan of reorganization; state committee; disapproval; effect
§ 79-446 Plan of reorganization; approval; special election
§ 79-447 Plan of reorganization; special election; notice; contents; conduct; separate voting units; approval of plan
§ 79-448 Plan of reorganization; disapproval of plan; continuance of efforts; revised plan; approval
§ 79-449 Plan of reorganization; two or more districts; indebtedness
§ 79-450 Plan of reorganization; adoption; county clerk; duties
§ 79-451 New school district;state committee; appoint board; members; appointment; election; terms; duties
§ 79-452 Dissolution of Class I or II school district; petition; sufficient signatures; effect; plan of reorganization
§ 79-453 State committee; review proposal; approve or disapprove; effect
§ 79-454 Proposal; state committee; approve; election; notice
§ 79-455 Proposal; election; approve; county clerk; order; certificate; filing; appeal
§ 79-458 School district; tract of land set off from district; petition; conditions; procedure; appeal
§ 79-458.01 Property encapsulated by school district; transfer; procedure
§ 79-467 District; reduced taxable valuation by purchase or appropriation by federal government; exclusion of such land; formation of new district
§ 79-468 City of second class or village; merger with city of primary class; existing school districts; merger; obligations; how discharged
§ 79-469 City of second class or village; merger with city of primary class; officers of merged school district; duties
§ 79-470 Contract for instruction; merger; effect; limitation; dissolution
§ 79-471 Dissolving district; expenses incurred by school district; charge against district and taxable property therein
§ 79-472 Class II school district; discontinue high school; affiliation; vote; Class I school district; board; election
§ 79-473 Class III school district; annexed school district territory; negotiation; election; question on ballot
§ 79-474 School district merged into Class III school district; bonded indebtedness; liability
§ 79-475 School district merged into Class III or IV school district; effective; when
§ 79-476 Class V school district; property subject to school tax; management of affairs of district
§ 79-477 Class VI school district; discontinuance of district; vote required; notice
§ 79-478 Class VI school district; disapproval by State Board of Education; Class I school district; withdrawal; vote required
§ 79-479 Change of boundaries; order; conditions; transfer of assets and liabilities
§ 79-480 Districts; changes in boundaries; filing of petition; evidence
§ 79-485 New districts; formation from dissolved district possessing property; property and indebtedness; how apportioned
§ 79-486 New districts; proceeds of sale and funds of old district; how apportioned
§ 79-487 Districts; division; part taken over by United States; sale of schoolhouse
§ 79-488 Districts; reduction in size through acquisition of land by United States; attachment of remainder; apportionment of funds
§ 79-489 New districts; formation from old districts; general indebtedness; duty to consider in dividing property
§ 79-490 Districts; change in boundary lines; map; report; adjustments in tax list
§ 79-491 Districts; presumption of organization
§ 79-492 Class I school district; organization of new district; first officers; term
§ 79-493 Class I or Class II school district; new district officers; acceptance of office
§ 79-494 Class I or Class II school district; new school district; when deemed organized
§ 79-495 Class I or Class II school district; new district; failure to organize; dissolution for failure to organize
§ 79-496 Class IV or Class V school district; obligations of merged districts; assumption
§ 79-497 Division of districts within city of primary or metropolitan class; assets and liabilities; adjustment
§ 79-498 Depopulated districts; attachment to adjoining districts; notice; when authorized; waiver of requirements; findings; appeal; distribution of assets
§ 79-499 Class II or Class III school district; membership requirements; cooperative programs; when required; plan; contract for services; effect; ballot issue; when; failure; effect
§ 79-4,100 Terms, defined
§ 79-4,101 Additional terms, defined
§ 79-4,102 Affiliated district; student; treatment
§ 79-4,103 Advisory committees; created; members; terms; duties
§ 79-4,104 Statutes on affiliation; held unconstitutional; effect
§ 79-4,108 Unified system;interlocal agreement; contents; application; procedure; effect
§ 79-4,109 Class I district; reaffiliation authorized; effective date; effect
§ 79-4,110 Class I district; merge, dissolve, or reorganize; limitations
§ 79-4,111 Unified system; Class I districts; treatment
§ 79-4,117 Act, how cited
§ 79-4,118 Terms, defined
§ 79-4,119 Reorganization; provisions applicable
§ 79-4,120 Methods authorized
§ 79-4,121 Plan review; state committee; considerations
§ 79-4,122 Public hearings; record; notice
§ 79-4,123 Plan of reorganization; contents
§ 79-4,124 State committee; notification
§ 79-4,125 Disapproved plan; return to affected school districts
§ 79-4,126 School district in learning community; plan of reorganization; submitted to state committee; approved plan; procedure
§ 79-4,127 Indebtedness
§ 79-4,128 County clerk; duties; filings required
§ 79-4,129 State committee;duties; school board; appointments; terms; duties
§ 79-501 School board; property; maintenance; hiring of superintendent, teachers, and personnel
§ 79-503 Year-round operation of public schools; legislative intent
§ 79-504 Year-round operation of public schools; conversion; procedure
§ 79-505 Year-round operation of public schools; notice to State Board of Education
§ 79-506 Insurance coverage; authorized
§ 79-512 Associations of school boards; membership dues; payment authorized
§ 79-513 Legal services; payment authorized
§ 79-514 Retirement annuity contracts; purchase; contributions to retirement plans; withholding of salary
§ 79-515 Contracts for services, supplies, and collective-bargaining agreements; authorized
§ 79-516 School board; power to indemnify; liability insurance; purchase
§ 79-517 School activities pass; volunteer, defined
§ 79-518 School activities pass; authorized; when
§ 79-519 Class I or Class II school district; prosecution or defense of proceedings
§ 79-520 Class III school district; board of education; selection of officers; rules and regulations; compensation
§ 79-521 Class IV school district; board of education; officers; rules and regulations; taking of testimony
§ 79-522 Class V school district; board of education; officers; rules and regulations; testimony; power to compel
§ 79-523 Class VI school district; board of education; powers and duties
§ 79-524 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; permanent and continuing census
§ 79-525 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; school board; duty to maintain schoolhouse; accounts
§ 79-526 Class I, II, III,IV, or VI school district; school board; schools; supervision and control; powers
§ 79-527 Dropouts; report toCommissioner of Education; attendance reports
§ 79-527.01 Council on Student Attendance; created;members; duties; report
§ 79-528 Reports; filing requirements; contents
§ 79-529 Failure to file annual financial report;use of other reports
§ 79-530 Parental involvement; legislative findings
§ 79-531 Parental involvement; public school district; adopt policy
§ 79-532 Parental involvement; policy; contents
§ 79-533 Parental involvement; policy; hearing; review
§ 79-534 Class III school district; board of education
§ 79-535 Class V schooldistricts; control; powers
§ 79-536 Summerschool; children in school system; unsatisfactory progress; summerschool sessions; curricula
§ 79-537 Class V school district; school board; school census; duty to take
§ 79-539 School board; board of education; official policy respecting personnel files and student records; rules and regulations; adopt; publish; restrictions
§ 79-540 Class I school district; district meetings; challenge voter qualifications; oath
§ 79-541 Class I school district; district elections or meetings; refusal to take oath; false oath; penalty
§ 79-542 Class I school district; district elections or meetings; voice vote; challenge
§ 79-543 School board member; qualifications
§ 79-544 School board members; contract to teach prohibited
§ 79-545 District officers; vacancy
§ 79-546 School board, board of education, or other governing board; reimbursement for expenses
§ 79-547 Class II orClass III school district; school board; board of education; members; number
§ 79-548 Class I school district; change to six-member board; percentage of vote required; election; change back to three-member board; board members; election; teachers; qualifications
§ 79-549 School board;Class III school district; members; caucus or election; procedure
§ 79-550 Class II or III school districtelections; change number of board members; resolution;contents; change manner of election
§ 79-551 Class IV school district; board of education; members; election; student member
§ 79-552 Class V schooldistrict; board of education; members; election by district; procedure; qualifications
§ 79-553 Class VI school district; board of education; members; election
§ 79-554 Class I, II, III, or VI school district; school board; quorum; meetings; open to public
§ 79-555 Class III school district; board of education; meetings; when held
§ 79-556 Class I school district; annual school meeting; time; place; school year
§ 79-557 Class I school districts; special school meetings; how called; notice; limitation upon transaction of business
§ 79-558 Class I school districts; annual or special meetings; notice; change of schoolhouse site; building, purchase, or lease of schoolhouse
§ 79-559 Class II, III,IV, or VI schooldistrict; school board or board of education; student member; term; qualifications
§ 79-560 Class IV school district; board of education; meetings; open to public
§ 79-561 Class V school district; board of education; meetings; open to public
§ 79-562 Class V school district; board of education; meetings; quorum; attendance, how compelled; absence; effect
§ 79-563 Class VI school district; school board; meetings
§ 79-564 Class II or III school district; school board; officers; elect
§ 79-565 Class I school district; school district officers; enumeration; election; term
§ 79-566 Class IV school district; board of education; officers; employees, selection
§ 79-567 Class V school district; board of education; officers and employees; selection; terms
§ 79-568 Class VI school district; board of education; officers
§ 79-569 Class I, II,III, IV, or VI school district; president; powers and duties
§ 79-570 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; president; meetings; maintenance of order
§ 79-571 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; meetings; disorderly conduct; penalty
§ 79-572 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; president; actions for or against district; appearance required
§ 79-573 Class V school district; school board; president; duties
§ 79-574 Class V school district; school elections; notice; duty of president to give
§ 79-575 Secretary; disbursements;how made
§ 79-576 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; secretary; duty as clerk of board
§ 79-577 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; secretary; books, records, and reports; duty to preserve
§ 79-578 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; secretary; school census; duty to take; time allowed
§ 79-579 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; district officers; disputes over orders; county attorney; duty to investigate; mandamus
§ 79-580 Class I, II, III, and VI school district; board of education; claims against; record of proceedings; secretary; duty to publish
§ 79-581 Class I, II, III, or VI school district; publication of claims and summary of proceedings; noncompliance by secretary; penalty
§ 79-582 Class IV school district; secretary of the board of education; duties
§ 79-583 Class V school district; school board; secretary; oath; bond; duties
§ 79-584 Class V school district; board of education; disbursements; how made; accounts; audit
§ 79-585 Class VI school district; board of education; assistant secretary; compensation
§ 79-586 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; treasurer; bond or insurance; filing; failure to give; effect
§ 79-587 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; treasurer; district funds; receipt and disbursement
§ 79-588 Class I, II, III, IV, or VI school district; treasurer; records and reports required; delivery upon expiration of office
§ 79-589 Board of education; Class III school district outside of city or village or more than one-half of district within a city of metropolitan class; treasurer; bond or insurance; duties
§ 79-590 Class III school district; board of education; treasurer; duties; bond or insurance; compensation
§ 79-591 Class IV school district; treasurer; duties; reports; bond or insurance
§ 79-592 Class V schooldistrict; treasurer; bond or insurance; duties
§ 79-593 Class V school district; board of education; vice president; duties
§ 79-594 Class II, III, IV, or VI school district; superintendent; appointment; salary; term
§ 79-595 Class IV school district; associate superintendent of business affairs; duties
§ 79-596 Class IV school district; associate superintendent of business affairs; bond
§ 79-597 Class IV school district; accounts; audit; disbursements; how made
§ 79-598 Pupils; instructionin another district; contracts authorized; contents; cost per pupil; determination;transportation; attendance reports; noncompliance penalties; dissolution ofdistrict
§ 79-599 Pupil; attend school in adjoining state; application; contents
§ 79-5,100 Pupil; attend school in adjoining state; application; procedure; authorization, when
§ 79-5,101 Pupil; attend school in adjoining state; reciprocity required
§ 79-5,102 Pupil; attend school in adjoining state; tuition; payment by sending district
§ 79-5,103 Pupil; attend school in adjoining state; records; costs; determination
§ 79-5,104 Class II or III school district; tuition of pupil attending school outside of district; payment, when
§ 79-5,105 Class III, IV, or V school district; children residing on federal property; contracts with federal government for instruction; supervisory services of districts; maintenance and operation of schools
§ 79-5,106 Class III, IV, or V school district; children residing on federal property; contracts with federal government for instruction; effect of existing available facilities
§ 79-5,107 Class II or VI school district; board of education; student’s attendance at accredited junior, junior-senior, or senior high school; payment of tuition
§ 79-5,108 Board of education of Class VI school district; student’s attendance at accredited high school outside of state; payment of tuition; when; appeal
§ 79-601 Pupils; public or private schools; transportation; buses; conditions; purchase; use; State Department of Education; duties
§ 79-602 Pupil transportation vehicles; inspections;correction of defects
§ 79-603 Pupil transportation vehicles; safety features; violations; penalty
§ 79-604 Pupils; transportation; buses; routes, posting with signs
§ 79-605 Nonresident pupils; transportation; schedule of fees; applicability of section
§ 79-606 Sale of schoolbus; alteration required; violation; penalty
§ 79-607 Pupil transportation vehicles; State Board of Education; rules and regulations; violations; penalty
§ 79-608 Students;transportation; buses; operator; requirements; violation; penalty
§ 79-609 Pupils; transportation; buses; capacity; instruction in safe riding practice; emergency evacuation drills; occupant protection system; operator wear
§ 79-610 Pupils; transportation; driver; liability policy; conditions
§ 79-611 Students; transportation; transportation allowance; when authorized; limitations; board; authorize service
§ 79-612 Pupils; transportation allowance; claims; contents; limitation upon action for recovery
§ 79-613 Pupils; transportation allowance; temporary residence; attendance at another school; how computed
§ 79-701 Mission of public school system
§ 79-702 Public school system; legislative intent
§ 79-703 Public schools; approval and accreditation standards; accreditation committee; duties; legislative intent
§ 79-704 Biennial secondary course offerings; authorized; when
§ 79-705 State Fire Day; Fire Recognition Day; designation; how observed
§ 79-706 Fire prevention instruction; requirements
§ 79-707 Flags; United States; State of Nebraska; display
§ 79-708 Flags and flagstaffs; provide; payment
§ 79-709 School work; annual exhibit; how conducted; premiums
§ 79-712 Public school;health education; requirements
§ 79-713 Commissioner of Education; drug education; course on health education; prepare; distribute
§ 79-714 School systems; tobacco, alcohol, and drugs; failure to instruct; action of State Department of Education
§ 79-715 Eye protective devices; required; when; term, defined; commissioner; duties
§ 79-716 Coordination of curriculum; when required; costs
§ 79-717 Class VI school district elementary school coordinator; qualifications; duties
§ 79-718 Junior Mathematics Prognosis Examination; legislative intent
§ 79-719 Multicultural education, defined
§ 79-720 Multicultural educationprogram; incorporation into curriculum; department;duties
§ 79-721 Multicultural education; school districts and department; duties; loss of accreditation
§ 79-722 Evaluation of multiculturaleducation program; report
§ 79-723 Multicultural education; rules and regulations
§ 79-724 American citizenship; committee onAmericanism; created; duties; required instruction; patriotic exercises; dutiesof officers
§ 79-725 Character education; principles of instruction; duty of teachers
§ 79-726 Character education; outline of instruction; duty of Commissioner of Education
§ 79-727 Americanism and character education; violation; penalty
§ 79-728 Kindergarten programs; required
§ 79-729 High school students; graduation requirements
§ 79-730 Diploma of high school equivalency; issuance by Commissioner of Education; conditions
§ 79-731 Diploma of high school equivalency; application; fee; disbursement; duplicate; transcript; fees
§ 79-732 Diploma of high school equivalency; State Board of Education; rules and regulations; adopt
§ 79-733 Diplomas of high school equivalency; acceptance by colleges
§ 79-734 School textbooks, equipment, and supplies; purchase and loan; rules and regulations; department; duty
§ 79-734.01 Textbook contracts; requirements for publisher or manufacturer
§ 79-735 School books, equipment, and supplies; payment
§ 79-736 School books; contracts with members of combination or trust; effect
§ 79-737 School books; ownership; care; liability of pupils for damage
§ 79-738 State Board of Vocational Education; legislation and funds; duties
§ 79-739 Vocational education; State Treasurer, custodian of funds
§ 79-740 State Board of Vocational Education; designation; meetings; quorum; executive officer
§ 79-741 State Board of Vocational Education; duties
§ 79-742 State Board of Vocational Education; staff members; appointment
§ 79-743 Vocational school, department, or course; establishment; reimbursement; when
§ 79-744 State Board of Vocational Education; additional duties
§ 79-745 Vocational educational needs; legislative findings
§ 79-746 Interdistrict school agreements; authorized
§ 79-747 Interdistrict school agreement; tax levy
§ 79-748 Legislative findings and intent
§ 79-750 Rule, regulation, or policy; waiver authorized
§ 79-757 Act, how cited
§ 79-758 Terms, defined
§ 79-759 Standard college admission test; administered; expense
§ 79-760.01 Academic content standards; State Board of Education; duties
§ 79-760.02 Academic content standards; school districts; duties
§ 79-760.03 Statewide assessment and reporting system for school year 2009-10 and subsequent years; State Board of Education; duties; technical advisory committee; terms; expenses
§ 79-760.05 Statewide systemfor tracking individual student achievement; State Board of Education; duties;school districts; provide data; analysis and reports
§ 79-760.06 Accountability system; combine multiple indicators; State Department of Education; powers; duties; designation of priority schools
§ 79-760.07 Priority school; intervention team;members; duties; expenses; develop progress plan; contents; compliance required;review; school board; duties; Commissioner of Education; report; contents
§ 79-761 Mentor teacher programs; State Board of Education; duties
§ 79-762 Rules and regulations
§ 79-769 Focus programs;focus schools; magnet schools; authorized; requirements
§ 79-770 Certificate of attendance; participation in high school graduation ceremony
§ 79-771 Nebraska community college degrees;how treated
§ 79-772 Act, how cited
§ 79-773 Legislative findings
§ 79-774 Terms, defined
§ 79-775 Purpose of act; Center for Student Leadership and Expanded Learning; duties
§ 79-776 State Board of Education; policy toshare student data; duties
§ 79-777 Career academy; establishment andoperation; duties; funding; department; define standards and criteria
§ 79-801 Nebraska certificate to administer; required of administrators and supervisors
§ 79-802 Nebraska certificate or permit; prerequisite to teaching; employment of teacher aides; requirements
§ 79-802.01 American Indian language teacher; requirements
§ 79-803 Certificate; extension; service in armed forces; conditions
§ 79-804 Teacher’s or administrator’s certificate; registration required; failure; effect
§ 79-805 Teachers or administrators without certificates; employment prohibited; effect
§ 79-806 Declaration of purpose
§ 79-807 Terms, defined
§ 79-808 Teachers and administrators;certificates and permits; requirements; board; duties; advisory committees
§ 79-809 Teachers’ entry-level certificates or permits; qualifications
§ 79-810 Certificatesor permits; issuance by Commissioner of Education; fee; disposition; contentsof certificate or permit; endorsements; Certification Fund; Professional PracticesCommission Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-811 Teachers’ and administrators’ certificates or permits; college credits submitted; certification
§ 79-813 Teachers’ and administrators’ certificates or permits; reciprocity; requirements
§ 79-814 Teachers’ and administrators’ certificates or permits; limitations on use
§ 79-814.01 Criminal history record information search; denial of certificate or permit; when; costs; confidentiality
§ 79-814.02 Conditional permit; when
§ 79-815 Certificate; continuance in force; conversion privileges
§ 79-817 Schools; contract of employment; writing required
§ 79-818 School board; employment of teachers and administrators; contracts; how executed; prohibitions
§ 79-819 Schools; contract of employment; contents
§ 79-820 Schools; contract with employees of another district, prohibited; penalty
§ 79-821 Schools; violation of contract; notice; suspension of certificate
§ 79-822 Administrators; employment; salary; contract; term
§ 79-824 Terms, defined
§ 79-825 Part-time certificated employee; become permanent employee; formula; reduction in force; effect
§ 79-826 Certificated employee; disciplinary action; superintendent; powers; procedures
§ 79-827 Certificated employee; contract cancellation or amendment; reasons; procedures
§ 79-828 Probationary certificatedemployee; probationary period; evaluation; contract amendment or nonrenewal;procedure
§ 79-829 Permanent certificated employee; contract amendment or termination; reasons
§ 79-830 Permanent certificated employee; evidence of professional growth required
§ 79-831 Certificated employee; contract amendment, termination, nonrenewal, or cancellation; notice; hearing
§ 79-832 Formal due process hearing; employee’s rights; how conducted; school board decision
§ 79-833 Error proceedings; jurisdiction of court
§ 79-834 Informal hearing; when held; procedures
§ 79-835 Probationary certificated employee; superintendent; school board; special procedures applicable
§ 79-836 School board; additional sanctions authorized; when
§ 79-837 School board; subpoena power
§ 79-838 School board; grant leave of absence; procedures; rights
§ 79-839 Certificated employees; assignment rights
§ 79-840 Class IV or Class V school district; hearing officer; use authorized
§ 79-841 Class IV or V school district; hearing officer; selection
§ 79-842 Class IV or V school district; hearing officer; procedure; costs
§ 79-843 Teachers and school nurses; contract; renewal; exceptions; amend or terminate; notice; hearings; decision
§ 79-844 Teachers and school nurses; contract; minimum standard
§ 79-845 Department of Correctional Services; Department of Health and Human Services; contract with teaching staff; probationary period
§ 79-846 Reduction-in-force policy; adopt; requirements
§ 79-847 Reduction in force; board of education and school district administration; duties
§ 79-848 Reduction in force; employee; contract terminated; effect; recall; rights
§ 79-849 Reduction in force; noncompliance with federal or state law; how treated
§ 79-850 Terms, defined
§ 79-851 Teachers; status rights
§ 79-852 Collective-bargainingagreement; continued; effect
§ 79-853 City of second class or village; merger with city of primary or metropolitan class; rights of teachers and employees preserved
§ 79-854 Reduction in force; Retirement Incentive Plan; Staff Development Assistance; continued employment; notification; limitation
§ 79-855 Retirement Incentive Plan; eligibility; benefit; costs; allocation
§ 79-856 Staff Development Assistance; eligibility; agreement; contents; costs; allocation
§ 79-857 Allocation of certificated employees; procedure
§ 79-858 Other agreements; responsibility
§ 79-859 Professional Practices Commission; declaration
§ 79-860 Terms, defined
§ 79-861 Professional Practices Commission; members; appointment; qualifications; terms; compensation; expenses; meetings; chairperson; quorum
§ 79-862 Commission; clerk; duties; additional personnel
§ 79-863 Commission; clerk; salary; expenses
§ 79-864 Commission; court reporter; duties; how paid
§ 79-865 Commission; legal counsel; duties
§ 79-866 Board; powers and duties
§ 79-867 Teacher’s or administrator’s certificate; revocation; suspension; effect
§ 79-868 Board; standards violation; investigations; procedure
§ 79-869 Commission and board; rules and regulations
§ 79-870 Commissioner; commission; board; witnesses; subpoena
§ 79-871 Commission; budget; adopt; costs and expenses; payment
§ 79-872 Teacher or administrator; professional or labor organization; deduction from wages
§ 79-873 Deduction from wages; authorization; form
§ 79-874 Deductions; school district; liability
§ 79-875 Student teacher or intern, defined
§ 79-876 Student teacher or intern; protection; rules and regulations; comply
§ 79-877 Student teacher or intern; responsibilities and duties
§ 79-878 Student teacher or intern; terms, defined
§ 79-896 Teachers; applicants; inquiries concerning religious affiliation prohibited
§ 79-897 Teachers; inquiries concerning religious affiliation; violations; penalty
§ 79-898 Public schools; religious garments; wearing by teachers prohibited; penalty
§ 79-899 Public schools; religious garb prohibited; enforcement; violation; penalty
§ 79-8,100 Teachers; solicitation by agents or salespersons prohibited; exceptions
§ 79-8,101 Teachers; solicitation by agents or salespersons; violation; penalty
§ 79-8,106 Epidemics; teachers’ salaries; duty to pay
§ 79-8,107 Teachers; lunch period; exception
§ 79-8,108 Teachers and employees; pledge; form
§ 79-8,109 Teacher, administrator, or full-time employee; personnel file; access; written response; attach
§ 79-8,110 Class I school district; teachers; periodic report required; contents
§ 79-8,124 Act, how cited
§ 79-8,125 Master Teacher Program; created; purpose
§ 79-8,126 Terms, defined
§ 79-8,127 Annual salary bonus
§ 79-8,128 Master teacher status
§ 79-8,129 Master Teacher Program Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-8,130 Registration award
§ 79-8,131 Rules and regulations
§ 79-8,132 Act, how cited
§ 79-8,133 Attracting Excellenceto Teaching Program; created; terms, defined
§ 79-8,134 Attracting Excellence to Teaching Program; purposes
§ 79-8,135 Attracting Excellence to Teaching Program; administration;eligible students
§ 79-8,137 Attracting Excellence to Teaching Program; eligible student; contract requirements; loan payments; suspension; loan forgiveness; amount
§ 79-8,137.01 Enhancing Excellence in Teaching Program; created; terms, defined
§ 79-8,137.02 Enhancing Excellence in Teaching Program; purposes
§ 79-8,137.03 Enhancing Excellence in Teaching Program; administration; eligible student; loans
§ 79-8,137.04 Enhancing Excellence in Teaching Program; contract requirements; loan payments; suspension; loan forgiveness; amount
§ 79-8,137.05 Excellence in Teaching Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-8,138 Repaymenttracking
§ 79-8,139 Reports
§ 79-8,140 Rules andregulations
§ 79-8,141 Teacher Corps AmeriCorps Education Award Program; duties; legislative intent
§ 79-901 Act, how cited
§ 79-902 Terms, defined
§ 79-903 Retirement system; established; purpose
§ 79-904 School retirementsystem; administration; retirement board; powers and duties; rules and regulations
§ 79-904.01 Board; power to adjust contributions and benefits; repayment of benefit; overpayment of benefits; investigatory powers; subpoenas
§ 79-905 Retirement board; duties
§ 79-906 Director; records; contents; employereducation program
§ 79-907 Statement of information; board; powers and duties
§ 79-908 State Treasurer; duties
§ 79-909 Auditor of Public Accounts; annualaudit; report
§ 79-910 Retirement system; membership; separate employment; effect
§ 79-910.01 Retirementsystem; participation
§ 79-911 Retirement system; emeritus member; retirement, when
§ 79-912 Retirement system; employees previously electing nonmembership; election to hold membership; effect
§ 79-913 Retirement system; membership; election of nonmembership; when
§ 79-915 Retirement system;membership; requirements
§ 79-916 Retirement system; membership; member of any other system; transfer of funds; when; Service Annuity Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-917 New employee;participation in another governmental plan; how treated
§ 79-918 Current employee; participation in another governmental plan; how treated
§ 79-919 Retirement system; membership; employees of postsecondary schools excluded
§ 79-920 State schoolofficial; department employee; retirement system options
§ 79-921 Retirement system;membership; termination; employer; duty; reinstatement; application for restoration of relinquishedcreditable service; payment required
§ 79-922 Retiree; return to employment; effect; waiver of payments
§ 79-923 Reretirement; benefits; how computed
§ 79-924 Repurchaserelinquished creditable service; credit for prior years of service;payment; rules and regulations; election; provisions applicable
§ 79-925 Retirement system; prior member; repayment authorized; limitation
§ 79-926 Retirement system;members; statement of service record; requirements for prior service credit;exception; reemployment; military service; credit; effect
§ 79-927 Service credit; computation
§ 79-928 Board; verify service record
§ 79-929 Board; issue prior service certificate; modification
§ 79-931 Retirement; when; application
§ 79-932 Retirement; deferment of payment; board; duties
§ 79-933 Retirement; member; amount of allowance
§ 79-933.01 Direct rollover;terms, defined; distributee; powers; board; duties
§ 79-933.02 Retirementsystem; accept payments and rollovers; limitations; board; duties
§ 79-933.03 Contributingmember; credit for service in other schools; limitation; procedure; payment
§ 79-933.04 Contributing member; credit for leave of absence; limitation; procedure; payment
§ 79-933.05 Contributingmember; credit for service in other schools; limitation; procedure; payment
§ 79-933.06 Contributingmember; credit for leave of absence; limitation; procedure; payment
§ 79-933.07 Purchase of service credit or repurchase of relinquished creditableservice; rules and regulations
§ 79-933.08 Purchase ofservice credit within twelve months of retirement; agreement authorized
§ 79-933.09 Retirementsystem; accept transfers; limitations; how treated
§ 79-934 Formula annuity retirement allowance; eligibility; formula; payment
§ 79-935 Retirement; increase in benefits; when applicable
§ 79-938 Retirement allowance; method of payment; election
§ 79-939 Retirement system; benefits; paid by retirement board
§ 79-941 Total monthlybenefit, defined; how computed
§ 79-942 Supplementalretirement benefit; how computed
§ 79-943 Supplemental retirement benefit; not applicable; when
§ 79-944 Supplementalretirement benefit; receipt by beneficiary
§ 79-945 Supplemental retirement benefit; receipt by beneficiary; duration
§ 79-946 Retired Teachers Supplementary Benefits Fund; created; termination
§ 79-947 Adjusted supplementalretirement benefit; determination; computation; payment; funding
§ 79-947.06 Members prior to July 1, 2013; annual benefitadjustment; cost-of-living adjustment calculation method
§ 79-947.07 Employee who becomes a member onor after July 1, 2013; annual benefit adjustment; cost-of-living adjustmentcalculation method
§ 79-948 Retirement benefits; exemption from taxation and legal process; exception
§ 79-949 False or fraudulent actions; prohibited acts; refusal to furnish information; violations; penalties; denial of benefits
§ 79-950 Appeal; procedure
§ 79-951 Retirement;disability; conditions; application
§ 79-952 Retirement; disability; allowance; formula
§ 79-953 Retirement; disability; annual medical examination; refusal; effect
§ 79-954 Retirement; disability beneficiary; restoration to active service; effect
§ 79-955 Terminationof membership; accumulated contributions; return
§ 79-956 Death of memberbefore retirement; contributions; how treated; direct transfer to retirementplan; death while performing qualified military service; additional deathbenefit
§ 79-957 Termination of employment before retirement date; certified service record; statement of accumulated contributions; termination benefits, when
§ 79-958 Employee; employer;required deposits and contributions
§ 79-959 Account of member; credit with regular interest
§ 79-960 Employer; deduction; remittances; fees; interest charge
§ 79-962 Contract ofemployment; contents
§ 79-963 Director; employer and employee; furnish information
§ 79-964 Employer; pay to board; withholding of excess deduction
§ 79-965 Payment of compensation less required deductions; discharge of claims for service
§ 79-966 School Retirement Fund; state deposits; amount; determination; contingent state deposit; how calculated; hearing
§ 79-966.01 School RetirementFund; annual actuarial valuations
§ 79-967 Board; determine rates of benefits; adjustments; distribution of gains and savings
§ 79-968 Retirement system; assets; funds; account; investment
§ 79-971 Accumulated contributions; use
§ 79-972.01 School Retirement Fund; created; use
§ 79-973 Contingent Account; created; use
§ 79-974 Expense Fund; created; use
§ 79-976 Investment services; charges; report;state investment officer; duty
§ 79-977 School district expenditures; not exempt from limitations on spending
§ 79-977.01 Limitation of actions
§ 79-977.02 Retirement system contributions, income, property, and rights; how treated
§ 79-977.03 Termination of system or contributions; effect
§ 79-978 Terms, defined
§ 79-978.01 Act, how cited
§ 79-979 Class V school district; employees’ retirement system; established
§ 79-980 Employees retirement system; administration; board of trustees; members; terms; vacancy; expenses; liability
§ 79-981 Employees retirement system; board of trustees; rules and regulations; administrator; employees compensation; records required
§ 79-982 Employees retirement system; board of trustees; meetings; duties
§ 79-982.01 Employees retirement system; board of trustees; duties
§ 79-982.02 Employees retirement system; investment of assets; board of trustees; duties; plan for transition of investment authority; contents; costs, fees, and expenses; state investment officer; report
§ 79-983 Employees retirement system; administrator; appointment; retirement system staff
§ 79-984 Employees retirement system; actuary; duties
§ 79-985 Employees retirement system; legal advisor
§ 79-986 Employees retirement system; school district as treasurer; when; duties; State Treasurer as treasurer; when; duties
§ 79-987 Employees retirement system; audits; cost; report
§ 79-988 Employees retirement system; membership; separate employment; effect
§ 79-989 Employees retirement system; board of education; records available
§ 79-990 Employees retirement system; time served in armed forces or on leave of absence; resignation for maternity purposes; effect
§ 79-991 Employees retirement system; member; prior service credit; how obtained
§ 79-992 Employees retirement system; discontinuance of employment; refunds; reemployment
§ 79-993 Reemployment; repay contributions; limitation; effect
§ 79-994 Employee of another school district; contribution; limitation; effect
§ 79-995 Reemployment; military service; leave of absence; contribution; limitation; effect
§ 79-996 Contributions; how paid
§ 79-997 Employee of educational service unit; contribution; limitation; effect
§ 79-998 Additional service credits; accept payments and rollovers; limitations; how treated; tax consequences; direct transfer to retirement plan
§ 79-999 Employees retirement system; annuity; how credited
§ 79-9,100 Employees retirement system; formula retirement annuity; computation
§ 79-9,100.01 Employees retirement system; employees who become members on or after July 1, 2016; annuity; computation
§ 79-9,101 Employees retirement system; annuity; election; remaining payments
§ 79-9,102 Employees retirement system; annuity or other benefit; limitations
§ 79-9,103 Annuity payment; cost-of-living adjustments; additional adjustments
§ 79-9,104 Employees retirement system; annuities; benefits; exempt from claims of creditors; exceptions
§ 79-9,105 Employees retirement system; member; disability; benefits
§ 79-9,106 Employeesretirement system; member; death; effect; survivorship annuity; amount; direct transfer to retirement plan;death while performing qualified military service; additional death benefit
§ 79-9,107 Employees retirement system; funds; investment; violations; penalty
§ 79-9,108 Employees retirement system; funds; investment
§ 79-9,109 Employees retirement system; investments; default of principal or interest; trustees; powers and duties
§ 79-9,110 Employees retirement system; investments; mortgages on real property, when
§ 79-9,111 Employees retirement system; investments; board of trustees; powers and duties; state investment officer; powers and duties
§ 79-9,113 Employees retirement system; federal Social Security Act; state retirement plan; how affected; required contributions; payment; membership service annuity; computations
§ 79-9,114 Employees retirement system; federal Social Security Act; agreement; coverage group
§ 79-9,115 Employees retirement system; Class V School Employees Retirement Fund; created; use; expenses; payment
§ 79-9,116 Applicability of sections
§ 79-9,117 Board of trustees; establish preretirement planning program; for whom; required information; funding; attendance; fee
§ 79-9,118 Participation in retirement system;qualification
§ 79-1001 Act, how cited
§ 79-1002 Legislative intent
§ 79-1003 Terms, defined
§ 79-1003.01 Summer school allowance; summer school student units; calculations
§ 79-1004 Best practices allowance; calculation
§ 79-1005 Community achievement plan aid; new community achievement plan adjustment; calculation
§ 79-1005.01 Tax Commissioner; certify data; department; calculate allocation percentage and local system’s allocated income tax funds
§ 79-1007.04 Elementaryclass size allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.05 Focus schooland program allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.06 Poverty allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.07 Financial reports relating to poverty allowance; department; duties; report; appeal of department decisions
§ 79-1007.08 LimitedEnglish proficiency allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.09 Financialreports relating to limited English proficiency; department; duties; report;appeal of department decisions
§ 79-1007.10 Cost growthfactor; computation
§ 79-1007.11 School district formula need; calculation
§ 79-1007.12 Transportation allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.13 Special receipts allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.14 Distance education and telecommunications allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.15 Elementary site allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.16 Basic funding;calculation
§ 79-1007.17 Local choiceadjustment; calculation
§ 79-1007.18 Averaging adjustment; calculation
§ 79-1007.20 Student growthadjustment; school district; application; department; powers
§ 79-1007.21 Two-yearnew school adjustment; school district; application; department; powers
§ 79-1007.23 Instructionaltime allowance; calculation
§ 79-1007.25 Teachereducation allowance; calculation
§ 79-1008.01 Equalization aid; amount
§ 79-1008.02 Minimum levy adjustment; calculation; effect
§ 79-1009 Option school districts; net option funding; calculation
§ 79-1009.01 Converted contract option students;department; calculations; notice to applicant district
§ 79-1013 Poverty plan; submission required; when; review; approval; elements required; appeal
§ 79-1014 Limited Englishproficiency plan; submission required; when; review; approval; elements required;appeal
§ 79-1015.01 Local system formularesources; local effort rate yield; determination
§ 79-1016 Adjusted valuation; how established;objections; filing; appeal; notice; correction due to clerical error; injunctionprohibited
§ 79-1017.01 Local system formula resources; amounts included
§ 79-1018.01 Local system formula resources; other actual receipts included
§ 79-1020 Aid allocation adjustments; department; duties
§ 79-1021 Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Fund; created; investment
§ 79-1022 Distribution of income tax receipts and state aid; effect on budget
§ 79-1022.02 School fiscal year 2012-13 certifications null and void
§ 79-1023 School district; general fund budget of expenditures; limitation; department; certification
§ 79-1024 Budget statement; submitted to department; Auditor of Public Accounts; duties; failure to submit; effect
§ 79-1025 Basic allowablegrowth rate
§ 79-1027 Budget; restrictions
§ 79-1027.01 Property tax requests exceeding maximum levy; reductions; procedure
§ 79-1028.01 School fiscal years; district may exceed certain limits; situations enumerated; state board; duties
§ 79-1028.03 Retirement aid; calculation
§ 79-1029 Budget authorityfor general fund budget of expenditures; Class II, III, IV, V,or VI district may exceed; procedure
§ 79-1030 Unused budgetauthority for general fundbudget of expenditures; carried forward; limitation
§ 79-1031 Department; annual estimate required
§ 79-1031.01 Appropriations Committee; duties
§ 79-1033 State aid; payments; reports; use; requirements; failure to submit reports; effect; early payments
§ 79-1034 School funds; collection of finesand other school money; dutiesof county treasurer
§ 79-1035 School funds; apportionment by Commissioner of Education; basis
§ 79-1035.01 Permanent school fund; use
§ 79-1035.02 Temporary school fund; use
§ 79-1035.03 School lands, defined
§ 79-1036 School funds; public lands; amount in lieu of tax; reappraisement; appeal
§ 79-1037 School funds; distribution; basis
§ 79-1038 School funds; apportionment; formation of new district; when eligible
§ 79-1039 School funds; apportionment; duties
§ 79-1040 School funds; apportionment; county treasurer; no compensation allowed
§ 79-1041 County treasurer; distribute school funds; when
§ 79-1042 School funds; embezzlement by school district treasurer
§ 79-1043 School funds; investment; interest; repurchase agreements; securities; how held
§ 79-1044 Forest reservefunds; distribution for schools and roads; how made
§ 79-1045 Forest reserve funds; apportionment; how made
§ 79-1046 Forest reserve funds; apportionment; certification to districts
§ 79-1047 Public grazingfunds; distribution to counties; how made
§ 79-1048 Public grazing funds; distribution
§ 79-1049 Flood control funds; distribution for schools and roads; how made
§ 79-1050 Flood control funds; counties entitled to share
§ 79-1051 Flood controlfunds; apportionment by Commissioner of Education
§ 79-1052 Flood control funds; apportionment for schools and roads
§ 79-1053 Flood control funds; certification to districts
§ 79-1054 State Board of Education; establish innovation grant program; application; contents; department; duties; report; Department of Education Innovative Grant Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-1062 Federal Mineral Leasing Act funds; disposition
§ 79-1063 State Department of Education Trust Fund; created; use; emergency cash fund; created; investment
§ 79-1064 State Department of Education Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-1065 Financial support to school districts; adjustments authorized; records
§ 79-1065.01 Financial support to school districts; lump-sum payments
§ 79-1065.02 State aid payments; adjustments; application; calculation
§ 79-1066 School districts; financial support from an entity constructing an electric generating facility; legislative findings
§ 79-1067 School districts; entity constructing electric generating facility; payments authorized; amount
§ 79-1068 School districts; entity constructing electric generating facility; retroactive payments authorized
§ 79-1069 School districts; payments; conditions
§ 79-1070 Power to borrow money; conditions; authorization to accept loans from state or federal government
§ 79-1071 Power to borrow money; how construed
§ 79-1072 Class II, III, IV, V, or VI school district; contingency fund; authorized; use
§ 79-1073 General fund property tax receipts; learning community coordinating council; certification; division; distribution; property tax refund or in lieu of property tax reimbursement; proportionality
§ 79-1074 Joint district or learning community; joint affiliated school system or learning community; taxable property; certification
§ 79-1075 Joint district or learning community; joint affiliated school system; tax levy; certification
§ 79-1077 Affiliation; tax levy; computation
§ 79-1078 Class VI school system tax levy; computation; distribution of proceeds
§ 79-1079 City of the metropolitan class; school district boundaries extended; tax levy; effect
§ 79-1080 Class IV and V school districts; school tax; how payable
§ 79-1081 Class IV school district; school tax; purposes enumerated; tax levy; restriction
§ 79-1082 Class V school district; school tax; levy
§ 79-1083 School tax; adopted budget statement; delivery; to whom
§ 79-1083.01 Reductions in school district budget; legislative intent
§ 79-1083.02 Class I school district; primary high school district; designation; certification
§ 79-1084 Class III school district; school board; budget; tax; levy; publication of expenditures; violation; penalty; duty of county board
§ 79-1085 Class IV school district; board of education; budget estimate and statement; tax levy; authorized
§ 79-1086 Class V school district; board of education; budget; how prepared; certification of levy; levy of taxes
§ 79-1087 Class V school district; board of education; bonds; interest and sinking fund; investment
§ 79-1088 School districts; uniform system of accounting; duty of State Department of Education to prescribe
§ 79-1089 Audit by public accountant or certified public accountant; report; failure to comply; effect
§ 79-1090 Failure to approve budget; superintendent of primary high school district; duties
§ 79-1091 School district; fiscal year
§ 79-1092 Cities changing classification; school funds; to whom payable; how used
§ 79-1093 Class III, IV, or V school district; machine accounting and payroll processing; disbursing of funds; board of education; contract
§ 79-1094 District maintaining more than one school; closing, when authorized
§ 79-1095 Eminent domain; power of district to exercise
§ 79-1096 Eminent domain; amount and character of land authorized to be taken; public hearing; notice
§ 79-1097 Eminent domain; location upon state school land; authority of district to purchase
§ 79-1098 Schoolhouse; erection or improvement; equipment; special tax
§ 79-1099 Schoolhouse; erection or improvement; equipment; submission to voters
§ 79-10,100 Schoolhouse; erection or improvement; equipment; vote required to approve
§ 79-10,101 Schoolhouse; erection or improvement; equipment; tax fund; transfer; limitation upon use; investment
§ 79-10,102 Schoolhouse; where built
§ 79-10,103 Real property; lease or acquisition; located outside of district; purpose; election; when
§ 79-10,104 Real property; acquisition; instructional purposes; construction of buildings; limitation
§ 79-10,105 Lease or lease-purchase agreements; public school district; authorization; restrictions
§ 79-10,106 Schoolhouse; use for public assemblies; rental
§ 79-10,107 School district property; use; lease authorized
§ 79-10,108 Public parks; conveyance to school districts; when authorized; resolution
§ 79-10,109 Public parks; conveyance to school districts; use
§ 79-10,110 Health and safety modifications prior to April 19, 2016, qualified zone academy, or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 purpose; school board; powers and duties; hearing; tax levy authorized; issuance of bonds authorized
§ 79-10,110.01 Health and safety modifications, qualified zone academy, or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 purpose bonds; refunding bonds; authorized; conditions
§ 79-10,110.02 Health and safety modifications on and after April 19, 2016; school board; powers and duties; tax levy authorized; issuance of bonds authorized
§ 79-10,111 Class I orII school district; schoolhouse; selection or change of site; vote required
§ 79-10,113 Class I school district; property; sale; how conveyed
§ 79-10,114 Class II, III, IV, or VI school district; property; sale; proceeds of sale; use
§ 79-10,115 Class IV or V school district; sale of property; conditions
§ 79-10,116 Class IV or V school district; bonds; purchase before maturity
§ 79-10,117 Class III or VI school district; teacherage; site; purchase or lease; powers of voters at election or annual or special meeting; tax
§ 79-10,118 Class III or VI school district; teacherage; tax; election
§ 79-10,119 Class III, IV, or V school district; real estate for future sites outside district; annexation; effect
§ 79-10,120 Class II, III, IV, V, or VI school district; board of education; special fund for sites and buildings; levy of taxes
§ 79-10,121 Class I school district; schoolhouse; site; facilities; purchase or lease; powers of voters at annual or special meeting; tax
§ 79-10,122 Class I school district; schoolhouse; site; facilities; tax; election; special fund; establish; restriction
§ 79-10,123 Class I school district; schoolhouse; site; facilities; tax; contract; surplus funds
§ 79-10,124 Class I school district; schoolhouse; site; facilities; tax; limitation
§ 79-10,125 Class I school district; schoolhouse; site; facilities; levy; warrants; limitation
§ 79-10,126 Class V school district; school fiscal year 2017-18 and thereafter; school tax; additional levy; funds established
§ 79-10,126.01 Class V school district; school fiscal years prior to school fiscal year 2017-18; school tax; additional levy; funds established
§ 79-10,127 Class V school district; sale of site; proceeds; use
§ 79-10,128 Class V school district; sale of site; petition; contents
§ 79-10,129 Class V school district; sale of site; petition; parties to action; summons
§ 79-10,130 Class V school district; sale of site; hearing; decree
§ 79-10,131 Class V school district; sale of site; appraisers; appointment; oath
§ 79-10,132 Class V school district; sale of site; appraisers; compensation; sheriff; notice of sale; publication; fees
§ 79-10,133 Class V school district; sale of site; sheriff; report of sale; confirmation
§ 79-10,134 Class V school district; sale of site; decree; appeal
§ 79-10,135 Class V school district; sale of site; sheriff; disbursement of proceeds; disposition
§ 79-10,136 Class V school district; conveyance of site; conditions; proceeds
§ 79-10,137 Legislative findings
§ 79-10,138 Program qualifications; reimbursement
§ 79-10,139 Rules and regulations
§ 79-10,140 Summer Food Service Program; terms,defined
§ 79-10,141 Summer Food Service Program; legislativeintent; department; duties; preference for grants; applications
§ 79-10,142 Summer FoodService Program; department; collect data; report
§ 79-10,143 Parent or guardian; provide information regarding qualification; school district; duties
§ 79-10,144 Community eligibility provision; state aid and federal funds; State Department of Education; duties
§ 79-10,145 Learning community transition aid; calculation
§ 79-1101 Legislativefindings and intent
§ 79-1102 Early ChildhoodTraining Center; established; purpose; duties; statewide training program;established
§ 79-1103 Early ChildhoodEducation Grant Program; established; administration; priorities; programs;requirements; report; hearing; endowmentagreement; effect
§ 79-1104 Before-and-after-school or prekindergarten services; transportation services; school board; powers and duties
§ 79-1104.01 Nebraska EarlyChildhood Education Endowment; endowment provider; requirements; endowmentagreement; Early Childhood Education Endowment Fund; Early Childhood EducationEndowment Cash Fund; created; investment
§ 79-1104.02 Early Childhood Education Endowment Cash Fund; use; grants; program requirements
§ 79-1104.03 Early Childhood Education Endowment Board of Trustees; created; administrative support
§ 79-1104.04 Board of trustees; members; terms; expenses
§ 79-1104.05 Early Childhood Education EndowmentFund; funding
§ 79-1105 State Department of Education; education for learners with high ability; consultant; employ
§ 79-1106 Learners with high ability; purpose of sections
§ 79-1107 Learners with high ability; terms, defined
§ 79-1108 Learners withhigh ability; identification and programs
§ 79-1108.01 Learners with high ability; school districts; duties
§ 79-1108.02 Learnerswith high ability; curriculum programs; funding
§ 79-1108.03 Learners with high ability; rules and regulations
§ 79-1110 Act, how cited
§ 79-1111 Legislative intent
§ 79-1113 Definitions,where found
§ 79-1114 Adjusted average per pupil cost of the preceding year, defined
§ 79-1115 Allowable costs, defined
§ 79-1115.01 Assistive technology device, defined
§ 79-1116 Average per pupil cost of the service agency, defined
§ 79-1117 Child with a disability, defined
§ 79-1118.01 Disability,defined; diagnosis
§ 79-1119 Excess cost,defined
§ 79-1119.01 Interim-program school, defined
§ 79-1121 Related services, defined
§ 79-1122 Residential care, defined
§ 79-1124 Service agency,defined
§ 79-1125 Special education, defined
§ 79-1125.01 Support services,defined
§ 79-1126 Act; to whom applicable; Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; duties
§ 79-1127 Special education;board; duties
§ 79-1128 Special educationprograms; school district; provide; manner; use of funds; failure to offeracceptable program; effect
§ 79-1129 Children with disabilities; types of services to be furnished; transportation; reimbursement; special instruction
§ 79-1130 Transportation services; legislative intent; State Department of Education; duties; cooperative arrangement
§ 79-1131 Education programs; children with disabilities who are less than five years of age; voluntary
§ 79-1132 Special education programs; children less than five years of age; State Department of Education provide grants; to whom; procedure
§ 79-1133 Special education programs; student less than five years of age; school district; amount paid to service agency; determination
§ 79-1135 Children with disabilities who are less than five years of age; regional plan of services; school district; participation; supplementary amendments
§ 79-1136 Sections, how construed
§ 79-1137 Legislative findings and intent
§ 79-1138 Disabilities; assessment, identification, and verification of need for services; State Board of Education; duties
§ 79-1139 Special education programs and services; children eligible
§ 79-1140 School district; amount paid to service agency; determination
§ 79-1142 State Departmentof Education; reimbursement for special education programs and support services;to whom; manner; limitations
§ 79-1143 Fiscal year for purposes of act
§ 79-1144 Children with disabilities; education; funds; channeled through office of State Department of Education; expenditures authorized
§ 79-1145 Appropriationof General Funds; limitation
§ 79-1146 Handicapped children; school district; educational service unit; contract for services
§ 79-1147 Temporary residential care; payment by state; when
§ 79-1148 Children withdisabilities; regionalnetworks, schools, or centers; authorized
§ 79-1149 Regional network, school, or center;admission; rules and regulations
§ 79-1150 Regional network, school, or center;remittance of money
§ 79-1151 Residential schools; emergency cash fund; established; use
§ 79-1152 Residential care; placement; requirements; appeal; cost; maximum rate; established
§ 79-1153 Residential placement; subsequent duties
§ 79-1154 State Board of Education; review special training and educational programs
§ 79-1155 Special education programs; reports; special education program application; review and approval
§ 79-1156 Special education and support services programs; coordination; application required
§ 79-1157 Special education programs; review; evaluation
§ 79-1158 Special education and support services programs; reimbursement; when
§ 79-1159 State Department of Education; school district; technical assistance; advisory capacity
§ 79-1159.01 State Department of Education; assistive technology devices registry
§ 79-1160 State Department of Education; adopt rules and regulations
§ 79-1161 Child witha disability; school district; protect rights of child; assignment of surrogateparent
§ 79-1162 Identification, evaluation, or educational placement; hearing; copy of procedures provided; reimbursement
§ 79-1163 State Department of Education; conduct hearings; hearing officers; employed; qualifications; jurisdiction
§ 79-1164 Hearing; hearing officer; duties
§ 79-1165 Hearing; party; rights; enumerated
§ 79-1166 Hearing officer; subpoena witnesses; fees and expenses; failure to respond; contempt
§ 79-1167 Hearing officer; findings, decision, or order; judicial review
§ 79-1188 Special education programs and support services; waiver of rules and regulations process; board; powers and duties
§ 79-1189 Legislative findings
§ 79-1190 Terms, defined
§ 79-1191 Legislative appropriation; department;provide grants to establish bridge programs
§ 79-1192 Department; establish process forawarding grants; priority
§ 79-1193 Recipient of bridge program grant;collect and provide data
§ 79-1194 Rules and regulations
§ 79-1195 Department of Health and Human Services;cooperate with applicants and recipients
§ 79-1196 Sections; termination
§ 79-11,109 Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired; State Department of Education; powers
§ 79-11,110 Center; purpose
§ 79-11,121 Division of Rehabilitation Services; established
§ 79-11,122 Division; administration; director; appointment; duties
§ 79-11,123 Division; rehabilitation services; furnish; exceptions
§ 79-11,124 Rehabilitation services; board; powers; duties
§ 79-11,125 Rehabilitation services; federal funds; State Treasurer; duties
§ 79-11,126 Division; budget estimates; federal funds; authority to comply with requirements
§ 79-11,127 Rehabilitation services; eligibility
§ 79-11,128 Rehabilitation services; aggrieved person; State Board of Education; fair hearing
§ 79-11,129 Rehabilitation services; unlawful acts
§ 79-11,130 State Board of Education; Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services; agreement; purpose
§ 79-11,131 State Treasurer; custodian of funds; disbursement
§ 79-11,132 Interagency agreement with Department of Health and Human Services; matching of funds required
§ 79-11,133 Adult Education Program; establishment; purpose
§ 79-11,134 Adult education; classes; authorized
§ 79-11,135 Adult Education Program; expenses; how paid
§ 79-11,155 Student achievement coordinator; appointment; qualifications; duties
§ 79-1201 Act, how cited
§ 79-1201.01 Terms, defined
§ 79-1202 Educational service units; name
§ 79-1204 Role and mission; powers and duties
§ 79-1205 Annual adjustment to boundaries; State Board of Education; duties
§ 79-1206 Reorganization of educational service unit boundaries; legislative intent
§ 79-1207 Boundary change; initiated by petition
§ 79-1208 Boundary change; petition; contents
§ 79-1209 Boundaries; petition; changes authorized
§ 79-1210 State Board of Education; grant or deny petition; criteria
§ 79-1211 Petition; hearing; approval or rejection; effect
§ 79-1212 Reorganizedunits; board members
§ 79-1213 Reorganized units; warrants; purpose; interest
§ 79-1215 Reorganized unit; adjusted tax list; contracts or leases; limitation; certificated employee; rights; transfer of records
§ 79-1217 Governing board;name; members; election; qualification; vacancy; expenses; membership
§ 79-1217.01 Educational service unit board; establish election districts
§ 79-1218 Board; meetings;organization; duties
§ 79-1219 Board; administrator; appointment; compensation; duties
§ 79-1220 Board; offices; location
§ 79-1221 Treasurer; custodian of funds; duties; bond or insurance; conditions
§ 79-1222 Educational service unit; services; to whom provided; contracting for health services
§ 79-1223 Educational service units; real estate; personal property; services; purchase; lease; bids
§ 79-1224 Governing board; state, county, or federal funds; use; tax; levy; matching of funds
§ 79-1225 Governing board;tax; levy; limitation; exception; proceeds; when remitted
§ 79-1226 Governing board; budget; prepare; contents
§ 79-1227 Budget; publication required
§ 79-1228 Board; report of yearly activities; publication and distribution required
§ 79-1229 Annual financial report; contents; annual audit required; cost
§ 79-1230 Sections; supplemental to other law
§ 79-1231 Special education; payment; to whom
§ 79-1232 Educational service unit; insurance coverage; authorized
§ 79-1233 Access to telecomputingresources; powers and duties
§ 79-1234 Tenure; terms, defined
§ 79-1235 Tenure; contract of certificated employee; how treated
§ 79-1236 Tenure; certificated employee; contract amendment, termination, or nonrenewal; procedure; confidentiality
§ 79-1237 Tenure; board; subpoena powers
§ 79-1238 Tenure; probationary certificated employee; amendment or nonrenewal of contract; grounds; procedures
§ 79-1239 Tenure; permanent certificated employee; amendment or termination of contract; grounds; procedures
§ 79-1241.01 Core services; appropriation;legislative intent
§ 79-1241.03 Distribution of funds; certification by department to educational service unit and learning community; distribution
§ 79-1242 Property taxfunds; use
§ 79-1244 Power to borrow money; conditions; authorization to accept loans from state or federal government
§ 79-1245 Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council; created; composition; funding; powers
§ 79-1246 Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council; duties; Open Meetings Act applicable
§ 79-1247 Educational ServiceUnit Coordinating Council; appoint distance education director; council directorauthorized; salaries; expenses; duties; contractauthorized; other appointments authorized
§ 79-1248 Educational ServiceUnit Coordinating Council; powers and duties
§ 79-1249 EducationalService Unit Coordinating Council; assistance provided
§ 79-1302 Educational technology; legislative findings
§ 79-1303 Educational Technology Center; created; mission
§ 79-1304 Educational Technology Center; duties
§ 79-1312 Act, how cited
§ 79-1313 Nebraska Educational TelecommunicationsCommission; creation; purpose
§ 79-1314 Terms, defined
§ 79-1315 Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission; membership; appointment; term; expenses
§ 79-1316 Educational telecommunications; commission;powers; duties
§ 79-1317 Educational telecommunications; commission;establish fees
§ 79-1318 Educational telecommunications; commission; instrumentality of state; may sue and be sued
§ 79-1319 Educational telecommunications; operationon noncommercial basis; exceptions; service available to all schools and colleges;costs
§ 79-1320 State EducationalTelecommunications Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-1322 Commission; power of eminent domain; purpose
§ 79-1336 Distance educationequipment reimbursement; application; contents; repayment; when; departmentdecisions; appeal
§ 79-1337 Distance education incentives; application; contents; calculation of incentives; denial of incentives; appeal
§ 79-1501 Compact; contents
§ 79-1503 Education Commission of the States; bylaws; file
§ 79-1504 Education Commission of the States; members; selection
§ 79-1601 Private, denominational,or parochial schools, teachers, and other individuals; laws applicable;election not to meet accreditation or approval requirements
§ 79-1602 Providing false information; penalty
§ 79-1603 Private, denominational, or parochial schools; religious instruction; sections, how construed
§ 79-1604 Private, denominational, or parochial schools; management and control
§ 79-1605 Private, denominational, or parochial schools; inspection by public school official; when required
§ 79-1606 Private, denominational,or parochial schools; nonconformity with school law; penalty
§ 79-1607 Violations; penalty
§ 79-1701 Acts, proceedings, and appropriations; validation
§ 79-1702 Legislative intent; recodification
§ 79-1703 Rules and regulations; internal references; how construed
§ 79-1801 Act, how cited
§ 79-1802 Legislative findings
§ 79-1803 Definitions, where found
§ 79-1804 Authority, defined
§ 79-1805 Bonds, defined
§ 79-1806 Cost, defined
§ 79-1807 Elementary or secondary school, defined
§ 79-1808 Project, defined
§ 79-1809 Property, defined
§ 79-1810 Nebraska Elementary and Secondary School Finance Authority; created
§ 79-1811 Authority; members; qualifications; appointment; terms; removal
§ 79-1812 Authority; officers; executive director; compensation; receive contributions
§ 79-1813 Authority; keep records and accounts; seal; certified copies
§ 79-1814 Authority; quorum; actions; vacancy; effect
§ 79-1815 Authority; officers, members, and employees; surety bond requirements
§ 79-1816 Authority; members; expenses
§ 79-1817 Authority; member or employee; conflict of interest; abstention
§ 79-1818 Authority; purpose
§ 79-1819 Authority; perpetual succession; bylaws
§ 79-1820 Authority; adopt seal
§ 79-1821 Authority; office; location
§ 79-1822 Authority; sue and be sued
§ 79-1823 Authority; powers over project
§ 79-1824 Authority; issuance of bonds authorized
§ 79-1825 Authority; charge for services
§ 79-1826 Authority; rules and regulations for use of project; designate agent
§ 79-1827 Authority; personnel
§ 79-1828 Authority; receive loans, grants, and contributions
§ 79-1829 Authority; mortgage of certain property
§ 79-1830 Authority; loans authorized; limitation
§ 79-1831 Authority; make loans; issue bonds; conditions
§ 79-1832 Authority; administrative costs; apportionment
§ 79-1833 Authority; general powers; joint projects
§ 79-1834 Authority; combine and substitute projects; bonds; additional series
§ 79-1835 Expenses; how paid; liability; limitation
§ 79-1836 Authority; acquisition of property
§ 79-1837 Authority; financing obligations completed; convey title
§ 79-1838 Authority; bonds; issuance; form; proceeds; how used; replacement; liability
§ 79-1839 Bond issuance; resolution; provisions enumerated
§ 79-1840 Bonds; secured by trust agreement; contents; expenses; how treated
§ 79-1841 Bonds issued to purchase securities of elementary or secondary school; provisions applicable
§ 79-1842 Refunding bonds; issuance authorized; provisions applicable
§ 79-1843 Bond issuance; state or political subdivision; no obligation; statement; expenses
§ 79-1844 Authority; charge rents; lease facilities
§ 79-1845 Money received by authority; deemed trust funds; investment
§ 79-1846 Bondholders and trustee; enforcement of rights
§ 79-1847 Act, how construed
§ 79-1848 Authority; journal; public records
§ 79-1849 Authority; public purpose; exemptions from taxation
§ 79-1850 Bondholders; pledge; agreement of the state
§ 79-1851 Act; supplemental to other laws
§ 79-1852 Act; provisions controlling
§ 79-1901 Act, how cited
§ 79-1902 State Department of Education; cooperation with Department of Health and Human Services; develop educational packet; contents
§ 79-1903 Packet; development; distribution; private financial assistance
§ 79-1904 READY Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-2101 Learning community, defined; fiscal year
§ 79-2102 Establishment of new learning community; Commissioner of Education; certification
§ 79-2102.01 Learning community coordinating council; meeting; officers; Secretary of State; duties
§ 79-2103 State Department of Education; learning community funds; distribution
§ 79-2104 Learning community coordinating council; powers
§ 79-2104.01 Learning community coordinating council; advisory committee; members; duties
§ 79-2104.02 Learning community coordinating council; use of funds; report
§ 79-2104.03 Advisory committee; submit plan for early childhood education programs for children in poverty; powers and duties
§ 79-2104.04 Learning community coordinating council; members; duties
§ 79-2110 Diversity plan; limitations; school building maximum capacity; attendance areas; school board; duties; application to attend school outside attendance area; procedure; continuing student; notice
§ 79-2110.01 Open enrollment students; howtreated; disability; transportation services
§ 79-2111 Elementary learning center facilities; focus school or program capital projects; tax levy; repayment of funds; interest; waiver
§ 79-2112 Elementarylearning center; elementary learning center executive director; qualifications; assistantsand employees
§ 79-2113 Elementary learning center; establishment; achievement subcouncil; plan; powers and duties; location of facilities
§ 79-2114 Elementary learning center; services and programs; report required
§ 79-2115 Learning community funds; use; learning community coordinating council; powers and duties; pilot project; audits
§ 79-2116 Elementarylearning center; employees; terms and conditions of employment
§ 79-2117 Learning community coordinating council; achievement subcouncil; membership; meeting; hearing; duties
§ 79-2118 Diversity plan;contents; approval; report
§ 79-2119 Insurance coverage; authorized
§ 79-2120 State Department of Education; certification of students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunches
§ 79-2121 Plan to reduce excessive absenteeism;development and participation
§ 79-2122 Community achievement plans; submission to State Department of Education; state board; approve or reject; reasons; term; report; department; duties
§ 79-2201 Compact; contents
§ 79-2202 Terms, defined
§ 79-2203 Department; duties; staff support
§ 79-2204 State Council on Educational Opportunity for Military Children; created; members; terms; expenses; duties; meetings
§ 79-2205 Compact commissioner; duties
§ 79-2206 Costs of administering compact
§ 79-2301 Act, how cited
§ 79-2302 Purpose of act
§ 79-2303 Terms, defined
§ 79-2304 Appropriations; legislative intent;use; assistance to institutions; payments
§ 79-2305 Institutions receiving assistance;report; contents
§ 79-2307 Rules and regulations
§ 79-2308 Grants; High School Equivalency Grant Fund; created; use; investment
§ 79-2401 Act, how cited
§ 79-2402 School board; board of educationalservice unit; contract or amendment; publication; contents; contract approval;publication
§ 79-2403 Contract or amendment; filing withState Department of Education; public posting
§ 79-2404 Failure to file approved contractor contract amendment; Commissioner of Education; withhold funds; duties;county treasurer; duty
§ 79-2405 Amendments to contracts; subjectto act
§ 79-2501 Act, how cited
§ 79-2502 Purpose of act
§ 79-2503 Terms, defined
§ 79-2504 Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant Program; established
§ 79-2505 Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant Program; priorities
§ 79-2506 Department; duties; proposal for grant; contents; award of grants
§ 79-2507 School district; inform nonpublic school of potential participation
§ 79-2508 Grantees; duties
§ 79-2509 Report
§ 79-2510 Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant Fund; created; use; investment; rules and regulations