189:1 Days of School
189:1-a Duty to Provide Education
189:1-b Freedom of Assembly; Freedom of Religion
189:1-c Student Member
189:1-d Definitions
189:1-e Directory Information
189:2 Reduction of Time
189:3 Other Modifications
189:4 Decisions of State Board
189:6 Transportation of Pupils
189:6-a School Bus Safety
189:6-b Transportation Between Schools and Before-and-After-School Programs
189:6-c Pupils Transported in a Mixed Use School Bus
189:8 Limitations and Additions
189:9 Pupils in Private Schools
189:9-a Pupils Prohibited for Disciplinary Reasons
189:10 Studies
189:11 Instruction in National and State History and Government
189:11-a Food and Nutrition Programs
189:11-b Learning Disability Teacher
189:11-c Cursive Handwriting and Memorization of Multiplication Tables
189:11-d Drug and Alcohol Education
189:13 Dismissal of Teacher
189:13-a School Employee and Designated School Volunteer Criminal History Records Check
189:14 Liability of District
189:14-a Failure to be Renominated or Reelected
189:14-b Review by State Board
189:14-c Revocation of Certification
189:14-d Termination of Employment
189:14-e Speech-Language Specialists
189:14-f Master Teacher
189:14-g Teacher Signature Certification
189:14-h Notice to Education Support Personnel and Non-Certified School District Employees Required
189:15 Regulations
189:15-a Purchase of School Insurance
189:16 Textbooks; Supplies
189:17 Flags; Penalty
189:17-a Flags Provided by Other Than School District
189:18 Patriotic Exercises
189:18-a Memorial or Memorial Plaque on School Property
189:19 English Required
189:20 Foreign Languages
189:21 Language of Devotional Exercises in Private Schools
189:22 Copies of State Constitution and Election Laws to be Furnished
189:23 Distribution
189:24 Standard School
189:25 Elementary School
189:25-a Universal Service Fund; Definition of “School.”
189:26 Books Excluded
189:27 Register
189:27-a Computerization of Pupil Registers
189:27-b Retention of Pupil Registers
189:28 Statistical Reports; Failure to File Report
189:28-a Report to the Public
189:29-a Records Retention and Disposition
189:31 Removal of Teacher
189:32 Appeal
189:33 Conferences; Reports
189:34 Appointment
189:35 Term; Removal
189:35-a Truancy Defined
189:36 Duties
189:37 Additional Officers
189:39 How Chosen
189:39-a Critical Staffing Shortages
189:39-b One-Year Certificate of Eligibility
189:40 School Sessions
189:42 Registers
189:49 Optional Services
189:49-a Fingerprinting Program
189:50 Appropriations
189:51 Limitation
189:53 Literacy Skill Development in Elementary Grades
189:57 Coordination With Special Population Programs
189:58 Rulemaking
189:59 Dropout Prevention and Dropout Recovery Program Established
189:60 Dropout Prevention and Dropout Recovery Oversight Council
189:61 Local Matching Funds Required
189:62 Eligible Program Participants
189:63 Report
189:64 Emergency Response Plans
189:65 Definitions
189:66 Data Inventory and Policies Publication
189:67 Limits on Disclosure of Information
189:68 Student Privacy
189:68-a Student Online Personal Information
189:70 Educational Institution Policies on Social Media
189:71 Military Uniform