265:1 Vehicles on Highways; Exceptions
265:1-a Sobriety Checkpoints
265:2 Required Obedience to Traffic Laws; Penalty
265:3 Obedience to Police Officers
265:3-a Obedience to School Crossing Guards
265:3-b Obedience to Flagpersons
265:4 Disobeying an Officer
265:5 Persons Riding Animals; Driving Animal-Drawn Vehicles
265:6 Persons Working on Highways; Exceptions
265:6-a Highway Construction and Maintenance
265:7 Permits for Construction Equipment
265:8 Emergency Vehicles
265:8-a Police Pursuit and Emergency Response
265:9 Obedience to Any Required Traffic Control Devices
265:10 Traffic Control Signal Legend
265:11 Pedestrian Control Signals
265:11-a Prohibiting Avoidance of Traffic Signals
265:12 Flashing Signals
265:13 Lane Use Control Signals
265:14 Display of Unauthorized Signs, Signals or Markings
265:15 Interference With Traffic Devices, Signs, or Signals
265:16 Drive on Right Side of Roadway; Exceptions
265:17 Approaching Vehicles
265:18 Overtaking a Vehicle on the Left
265:19 When Overtaking on the Right is Permitted
265:20 Limitations on Overtaking on the Left
265:21 Further Limitations on Driving to Left of Center of Roadway
265:22 Highway Markings
265:23 One-Way Roadways and Roadways and Rotary Traffic Islands
265:24 Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic
265:25 Following Too Closely
265:26 Driving on Divided Ways
265:26-a Driving Upon Sidewalk
265:27 Restricted Access
265:28 Vehicle Approaching or Entering Intersection
265:29 Vehicle Turning Left
265:30 Vehicle Entering Stop or Yield Intersection or Highway
265:31 Stop Signs; Yield Signs
265:32 Vehicle Entering Way From Private Road or Driveway
265:33 Driving of Vehicles on Approach of Authorized Emergency Vehicles
265:34 Pedestrians Subject to Traffic Signs and Regulations
265:35 Pedestrian’s Right of Way in Crosswalks
265:36 Crossing at Other Than Crosswalks
265:37 Drivers to Exercise Due Care
265:37-a Motorist Duties When Approaching Highway Emergencies
265:37-b Avoidance of Lane Blockage
265:37-c Signs Advising Motorists Approaching Emergency Vehicles in the Breakdown Lane; Fund Established
265:38 Pedestrians to Use Right Half of Crosswalks
265:39 Pedestrians on Roadway
265:40 Pedestrians Soliciting Rides or Business
265:41 Care Required
265:41-a Approaching a Service Animal
265:42 Required Position; Method of Turning at Intersections
265:43 Turning on Curve or Crest of Grade Prohibited
265:44 Moving a Vehicle
265:45 Turning Movements and Required Signals
265:46 Signals by Hand and Arm or Signal Lamps
265:47 Method of Giving Hand-and-Arm Signals
265:48 Obedience to Signal Indicating Approach of Train
265:49 All Vehicles Must Stop at Certain Railroad Grade Crossings
265:50 Certain Vehicles Must Stop at All Railroad Grade Crossings
265:50-a Failure to Stop at Railroad Crossings; Fine
265:51 Moving Heavy Equipment at Railroad Grade Crossing
265:52 Penalty for Violation of Railroad Crossing Provision
265:52-a Penalty for Violation of Railroad Crossing Provision by Commercial Drivers
265:53 Emerging From Alley, Driveway or Building
265:54 Overtaking and Passing School Bus
265:55 Approaching Buses, Etc
265:56 School Bus Signs
265:57 Driving of School Buses
265:58 School Bus Driving Rules
265:59 Vehicle Formerly Used as School Bus to be Repainted
265:60 Basic Rule and Maximum Limits
265:61 Speed Exception
265:62 Establishment of State Speed Zones
265:63 Alteration of Limits
265:64 Minimum Speed Regulation
265:65 Special Speed Limitation on Motor-driven Cycles
265:66 Special Speed Limitations
265:67 Charging Violations and Rule in Civil Actions
265:68 Stopping, Standing or Parking Outside Business or Residence Districts
265:69 Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places
265:69-a Enforcement of Parking Prohibition in Parking Spaces and Access Aisles Designated for Persons With a Walking Disability
265:70 Local Ordinances Not Superseded
265:71 Additional Parking Regulations
265:72 Unattended Vehicle
265:73 Free Parking for Disabled and for Official Purposes
265:73-a Parking Signs; Disabled
265:74 Parking Privileges for Persons With Walking Disability
265:74-a Obstruction of Parking Place for Persons With Walking Disability
265:75 Racing on Highways
265:76 Organized Time Trials
265:78 Competitive Bicycle or Moped Races
265:79 Reckless Driving; Minimum Penalty
265:79-a Vehicular Assault
265:79-b Negligent Driving
265:79-c Use of Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving; Prohibition
265:91-b Administrative Review and Hearings
265:91-c Period of License Suspension
265:91-d Review
265:91-e Appeal
265:94 Limitations on Backing
265:95 Obstruction to Driver’s View or Riding Mechanism
265:96 Opening and Closing Vehicle Doors
265:97 Riding in Trailers
265:98 Driving on Mountain Ways
265:99 Coasting Prohibited
265:100 Following Fire Apparatus Prohibited
265:101 Crossing Fire Hose
265:102 Littering; Penalty
265:103 Evidence of Littering
265:104 Approaching Horses
265:105 Use of Amateur or Citizen Band Radio
265:105-a Prohibited Text Messages and Device Usage While Operating a Motor Vehicle
265:106 Carrying Passengers in Trucks Prohibited
265:107 Rules for Carrying Passengers
265:107-a Child Passenger Restraints Required
265:108 Certain Towing Prohibited
265:108-a Parade Vehicles
265:109 Period of Lighting
265:110 Party Responsible
265:111 Enforcement
265:112 Parking Lights
265:113 Reflective Warning Devices
265:114 Dimming Lights
265:115 Transporting Explosives
265:116 Exceptions
265:117 Transporting Hazardous Materials or Wastes
265:118 Penalty
265:119 Traffic Laws Apply to Persons Driving Motorcycles
265:120 Riding Upon Motorcycles
265:121 Driving Motorcycles on Roadways Laned for Traffic
265:122 Protective Headgear
265:123 Eye and Face Protection
265:123-a Operation Prohibited
265:123-b Disclosure to Purchaser
265:143 Application of Motor Vehicle Laws to Bicycles
265:143-a Drivers to Exercise Due Care When Approaching Bicycle
265:144 Riding on Bicycles
265:145 Clinging to Vehicles Prohibited
265:146 Permits
265:148 Sidewalks Outside Compact Area
265:149 Ordinances and Bylaws
265:150 Penalty
265:151 Limitation of Prosecution
265:152 Bicycle Parking
265:153 Penalty
265:154 Occupants in Towed Vehicle; Penalty
265:155 Definitions
265:156 Funeral Procession Right-of-Way; Funeral Escort Vehicles; Funeral Lead Vehicles
265:157 Prohibited Acts
265:158 Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
265:159 Manufactured or Modular Building Transportation
265:160 Utility Vehicles; Operation on Ways Restricted
265:161 Utility Vehicles; Crossing of Ways Restricted