§ 390 Substitution of Spurious Oils for Internal Combustion Engines
§ 390-A Optical Discs; Requirements
§ 390-B Anti-Phishing Act of 2006
§ 390-C Prohibit Persons Under Eighteen Years of Age in Certain Facilities
§ 390-C*2 Posting of Warnings by Commercial Entities Offering Internet Access to the Public
§ 391 Marking Retreaded, Recapped or Recut Tires
§ 391-A Unlawful Acts Relating to Liquid Fuels, Lubricating Oils and Similar Products
§ 391-B Prohibit Any Sale of Dangerous Clothing Articles
§ 391-C Sale of Bicycles
§ 391-D Sale of Matchbooks
§ 391-E Promotion of Camps by Certain Organizations
§ 391-F Promotion of Private Schools by Certain Organizations
§ 391-G Rental of Motor Vehicles; Discrimination On the Basis of Age Prohibited
§ 391-H Lubricating Oils; Container; Notice Required
§ 391-I Sale of Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation; Notice
§ 391-J Sale of Fire Extinguishers
§ 391-K Automatic Garage Door Opening Systems
§ 391-L Personal Emergency Response Service Agreements; Required Cancellation Provisions
§ 391-L*2 Rental of Motor Vehicles; Discrimination On the Basis of Credit Card Ownership
§ 391-M Manufacture and Sale of In-Line Skates; Regulation Of
§ 391-N Sale of Reptiles; Notice
§ 391-O Sale or Promotional Distribution of Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedra
§ 391-P Prohibit the Rental of Clothing Articles Previously Worn
§ 391-Q Rebates
§ 391-R Restricted Access to Retail Sale of Ipecac
§ 391-S Restricted Access to Retail Sale of Dextromethorphan, Commonly Known as “dxm”
§ 391-S*2 Sale and Distribution of Novelty Lighters Prohibited
§ 391-T Sale of Small Animals; Instructions On Care
§ 392 Second-Hand Watches
§ 392-A Sale of New Computers
§ 392-B False Labels and Misrepresentations
§ 392-C Obliteration of Marks of Origin
§ 392-D Using False Marks as to Manufacture
§ 392-E Using False Statements or Altering Mileage Registering Devices
§ 392-F Taximeters
§ 392-G Sale of Ultraviolet Radiation Devices
§ 392-H Trash Receptacles; Dumpsters
§ 392-I Prices Reduced to Reflect Change in Sales Tax Computation
§ 392-J Sales of Sparkling Devices
§ 393 Lime; Standard Barrels
§ 393-A Non Fire Rated Wood Paneling
§ 393-B Written Solicitation
§ 393-C Sale of Required Labor Postings
§ 393-D Sale of Certified Copies of Property Deeds
§ 393-E Sale of Abandoned Porperty Location Services
§ 394 Lost or Destroyed Certificate of Stock
§ 394-A Proof of Lost Negotiable Paper
§ 394-B Limitations On Certain Contracts for Instruction or Use of Physical or Social Training Facilities
§ 394-C Limitations On Certain Contracts Involving Social Referral Services
§ 394-CC Internet Dating Safety
§ 394-D Privity of Contract Between Franchise Seller and Customer or Patron of Dealer
§ 394-E Report On Request for Abortional Services
§ 395 Required Disclosure of Prior Use
§ 395-A Maintenance Agreements
§ 395-B Unlawfully Installing or Maintaining a Two-Way Mirror or Other Viewing Device
§ 396 Unlawful Selling Practices
§ 396-A Representation by Savings and Loan Association of Insurance On Accounts
§ 396-AA Simulated Check
§ 396-AA*2 Unsolicited Telefacsimile Advertising
§ 396-B Advertisements
§ 396-BB Sale of Motor Fuels to Disabled Persons
§ 396-C Advertisements by Persons Engaged in Dental Business Relating to Dentures and Bridges
§ 396-CC Notification of Enclosure Requirements for Swimming Pools
§ 396-CC*2 Senior Citizen Discounts
§ 396-D Advertisement and Description of Real Property
§ 396-DD Renting of Horses; Helmets and Safety Information
§ 396-E Marking Articles Made of Linen
§ 396-EE Sale of Certain Weapons; Locking Devices Therefor
§ 396-F Sale of Blind Made Products
§ 396-G Sale of Products Processed by the Blind
§ 396-H Fraudulent Sale of Poppies, Forget-Me-Nots, Daisies, Flags and Other Articles Sold for Patriotic Purposes
§ 396-HH Sale of Poppies, Forget-Me-Nots, Daisies, Flags and Other Articles for Patriotic Purposes
§ 396-I Acceptance of Unexpired Gift Certificates
§ 396-J Sale or Possession of Master or Manipulative Keys for Motor Vehicles
§ 396-K Hazardous Toys and Other Articles Primarily for Use by Children; Prohibition and Enforcement
§ 396-K*2 Sale of Certain Motor Vehicles Damaged by the Ravages of Natural Disaster
§ 396-KK Sale of Video Game Consoles
§ 396-L Shopping Carts; Child Protective Devices
§ 396-M Mail-Order or Telephone-Order Merchandise
§ 396-MM Unlawful Trial Offers
§ 396-N Sales With “money Back Guarantee” and With “limited Guarantee”
§ 396-O Sales by Persons Offering Credits or Refunds in Certain Cases
§ 396-P Rates to Be Posted in Taxicabs; Certain Charges Prohibited
§ 396-P*2 Contracts for the Sale of New Motor Vehicles
§ 396-Q New Motor Vehicles; Sales and Leases
§ 396-QQ New Motor and Used Motor Vehicles; Sales and Leases
§ 396-R Price Gouging
§ 396-RR Price Gouging; Milk
§ 396-S Individual Sewage Disposal System; Information to Vendees of Newly Constructed Homes
§ 396-SS Access Number Notification
§ 396-T Unlawful Practices Relating to Layaway Plans
§ 396-TT Listing of Business Location in Directory or Database
§ 396-U Merchandise Delivery
§ 396-V Operation of Public Automated Blood Pressure Machines
§ 396-W Loitering for the Purpose of Soliciting Passengers for Transportation
§ 396-X Gasoline Stations; Air Pumps Required
§ 396-X*2 Unauthorized Removal or Destruction of Newspapers
§ 396-Y Sale of Certain Personal Property; Incentives; Disclosure of Value
§ 396-Z Rental Vehicle Protections
§ 397 Unlawful Use of Name or Other Identification of Certain Non-Profit Organizations
§ 397-A Distributing Unsolicited Advertising On Private Property Prohibited; Certain Cities
§ 398 Bills of Lading to Be Issued by Vessels Transporting Merchandise Within the State
§ 398-A Shipment of Motor Vehicles Outside the Continental United States
§ 398-B Discrimination in Car Rentals Prohibited
§ 398-C Children Attending Roller Skating Rinks and Indoor Ice Skating Rinks Under Certain Conditions
§ 398-D Disposal of Abandoned Molds
§ 398-E Indemnity Provision in Motor Carrier Transportation Contracts
§ 399 Cigarette Package Labeling
§ 399-A Pay Toilets; Prohibition
§ 399-AA Prohibition of the Selling of Fur, Hair, Skin or Flesh of a Dog or Cat
§ 399-AAA Selling and Manufacturing of Fur-Bearing Articles of Clothing
§ 399-B Contracts for the Use of the Streets for Hack Stands
§ 399-BB Certain Dry Cleaning Institutions; Option for Six Months Donation of Articles of Clothing
§ 399-BBB Solicitations by Container; Disclosures
§ 399-C Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in Certain Consumer Contracts Prohibited
§ 399-CC Wireless Telephone Numbers
§ 399-CC*2 Transcripts and Stenographic Services
§ 399-CCC Smoke Detecting Devices
§ 399-D Children Attending Public Bowling Alleys Under Certain Conditions
§ 399-DD Sale of Alcohol Vaporizing Devices Prohibited
§ 399-DD*2 Construction or Installation of Playground or Playground Equipment
§ 399-DD*3 Consumer Communications Records Privacy
§ 399-DDD Cofidentiality of Social Security Account Number
§ 399-DDD*2 Disclosure of Social Security Number
§ 399-E Prohibition of the Importation, Manufacturing, Distribution, or Sale of Yo-Yo Waterball Toys
§ 399-E*2 Actions
§ 399-EE Zone Pricing of Gasoline Prohibited
§ 399-F Laundromat Refund Procedures
§ 399-FF Petting Zoos
§ 399-G Labeling of Solder
§ 399-GG Packaging of Electronic Liquid
§ 399-H Disposal of Records Containing Personal Identifying Information
§ 399-I Prohibit the Sale of Unsafe Cribs and Restrict Use of Such Cribs in Certain Settings
§ 399-J Safety Standards; Movable Soccer Goals
§ 399-M Disclosures in Advertisement and Sale of Unassembled Goods
§ 399-N Approval of Electrical Devices
§ 399-O Selling Prices and Container Deposits
§ 399-OO Deceptive Solicitation of Vehicle Warranty Policies
§ 399-P Telemarketing; Use of Automatic Dialing-Announcing Devices and Placement of Consumer Telephone Calls
§ 399-PP Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act
§ 399-Q Use of Carts, Cases, Trays, Baskets, Boxes and Other Containers
§ 399-QQ Sale or Promotional Distribution of Utility Knives, Box Cutters, or Box Cart Cutters
§ 399-R Sale of Paint Pellet Guns
§ 399-S Posting of Notice When Air Rifles or Guns Are Sold
§ 399-T Sale of Certain Chlorofluorocarbons and Halons Prohibited
§ 399-T*2 Vending Machine Disclosure
§ 399-U Motor Vehicle Alarms
§ 399-V Parking Facilities; Towing of Vehicles, Posting of Notices
§ 399-W Total Loss Notice and Waiver of the Gap Amount for Non-Motor Vehicle Retail Lease Agreements
§ 399-W*2 Notice Requirements for Renters of Personal Property
§ 399-X Towed Motor Vehicles
§ 399-XX Towing of Motor Vehicles; Credit Cards; Statewide
§ 399-Y Child Safety Devices for Hot Water Dispensers
§ 399-Y*2 Automated Teller Machine Fee Disclosure
§ 399-Y-1 Automated Teller Machines Transaction Denial; Fees Prohibited
§ 399-YY Cable Television Company Providing Telephone Services
§ 399-Z Telemarketing; Establishment of No Telemarketing Sales Calls Statewide Registry; Authorization of the Transfer of Telephone Numbers On the No Telemarketing Sales Calls Statewide Registry to the National “do-Not-Call” Registry
§ 399-ZZ Telephone Bills
§ 399-ZZZ Prohibition of Certain Fee Charges
§ 399-ZZZZ Prohibition of Certain Fee Charges for Termination or Early Cancellation