Article 1 Short Title; Definitions
Article 2 Mechanics' Liens
Article 3 Enforcement of Liens On Real Property
Article 3-A Definition and Enforcement of Trusts
Article 4 Liens On Vessels and Enforcement Thereof
Article 5 Liens On Monuments, Gravestones and Cemetery Structures
Article 6 Liens For Labor On Stone
Article 6-A Mold Liens
Article 7 Liens For Service of Stallions or Bulls
Article 8 Other Liens On Personal Property
Article 9 Enforcement of Liens On Personal Property
Article 10-A Liens For Taxes Payable to the United States of America and Other Federal Liens
Article 10-B Liens On Surety Bail Bonds In Favor of the People of the State of New York
Article 11 Laws Repealed; When to Take Effect

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