§ 66-12-101 Landlord’s lien for rent
§ 66-12-102 Lien for goods and money supplied
§ 66-12-103 Lien for farm implements and supplies
§ 66-12-104 Priority of landlord’s liens
§ 66-12-105 Expiration of liens
§ 66-12-106 Enforcement of liens
§ 66-12-107 Liability of purchaser of crop
§ 66-12-108 Liability of broker selling crop
§ 66-12-109 Disposal of crop with intent to deprive landlord of lien
§ 66-12-110 Criminal liability avoided by payment of claim
§ 66-12-111 Landlord’s portion of crop unaffected
§ 66-12-112 Joint payment by purchaser
§ 66-12-113 Laborer’s lien on crops
§ 66-12-114 Duration of laborer’s lien
§ 66-12-115 Priority of landlord’s lien

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