A state board for dietetics and nutrition shall be appointed by the board of regents, on recommendation of the commissioner, for the purpose of assisting the board of regents and the department on matters of certification and professional conduct in accordance with section sixty-five hundred eight of this chapter.

The board shall consist of not less than thirteen members, ten of whom shall be certified dietitians or certified nutritionists, except that the members of the first board need not be certified

but shall be persons who are eligible for certification under the provisions of this article prior to their appointment to the board. The first board, with respect to members representing the profession, shall consist of five members registered by a national dietetic association having registration standards acceptable to the department and five members who are members of or registered by a national nutritional association having membership and/or registration standards acceptable to the department. Thereafter, members of the profession appointed to such board shall be certified pursuant to this article.

To the extent reasonable, the board of regents should insure the state board is broadly representative of various professional interests within the dietetic and nutritional community.

Three members shall be representatives of the general public. An executive secretary to the board shall be appointed by the board of regents on the recommendation of the commissioner.