Article 1 Definitions and Preliminary Provisions 115C-1 – 115C-5
Article 2 State Board of Education 115C-10 – 115C-16
Article 3 Department of Public Instruction 115C-18 – 115C-21
Article 5 Local Boards of Education 115C-35 – 115C-51
Article 6 Advisory Councils 115C-55
Article 6C Education and Workforce Innovation Program 115C-64.15 – 115C-64.17
Article 6D B-3 Interagency Council 115C-64.25 – 115C-64.28
Article 7 Organization of Schools 115C-65 – 115C-75
Article 7A North Carolina Innovative School District and Innovation Zones 115C-75.5 – 115C-75.13
Article 8 General Education 115C-81.5 – 115C-104
Article 8B School-Based Management and Accountability Program 115C-105.20 – 115C-105.41
Article 8C Local Plans For Alternative Schools/Alternative Learning Programs and Maintaining Safe and Orderly Schools 115C-105.45 – 115C-105.60
Article 9 Education of Children With Disabilities 115C-106.1 – 115C-112.9
Article 9A Children With Chemical Dependency 115C-149 – 115C-150
Article 9B Academically or Intellectually Gifted Students 115C-150.5 – 115C-150.8
Article 9C Schools for Students with Visual and Hearing Impairments 115C-150.11 – 115C-150.15
Article 10 Career and Technical Education 115C-151 – 115C-172
Article 10A Testing 115C-174.10 – 115C-174.26
Article 13 Community Schools Act 115C-203 – 115C-209.1
Article 13A State Advisory Council on Indian Education 115C-210 – 115C-210.4
Article 14 Driver Education 115C-215 – 115C-216
Article 14A Charter Schools 115C-218 – 115C-218.115
Article 16 Optional Programs 115C-230 – 115C-238.85
Article 17 Supporting Services 115C-239 – 115C-265
Article 17C Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission 115C-268.1 – 115C-268.5
Article 17D Educator preparation programs 115C-269.1 – 115C-269.55
Article 17E Licensure 115C-270.1 – 115C-270.35
Article 18 Superintendents 115C-271 – 115C-278
Article 19 Principals and Supervisors 115C-284 – 115C-289.1
Article 20 Teachers 115C-295 – 115C-311
Article 21 Other Employees 115C-315 – 115C-318
Article 21A Privacy of Employee Personnel Records 115C-319 – 115C-321
Article 22 General Regulations 115C-323 – 115C-335.9
Article 23 Employment Benefits 115C-336 – 115C-344
Article 24 Interstate Agreement on Qualifications of Educational Personnel 115C-349 – 115C-358
Article 25 Admission and Assignment of Students 115C-364 – 115C-372
Article 25A Special Medical Needs of Students and Identification of Sexual Abuse of Students 115C-375.1 – 115C-375.20
Article 25B Mental Health Needs of Student 115C-376.5
Article 26 Attendance 115C-378 – 115C-384
Article 27 Discipline 115C-390.1 – 115C-392
Article 27A Management and Placement of Disruptive Students 115C-397.1
Article 28 Student Liability 115C-398 – 115C-399
Article 29 Protective Provisions and Maintenance of Student Records 115C-400 – 115C-404
Article 29A Policy Prohibiting Use of Tobacco Products 115C-407
Article 29B Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children 115C-407.5 – 115C-407.8
Article 29C School Violence Prevention 115C-407.15 – 115C-407.18
Article 29D Student Prayer and Religious Activity 115C-407.30 – 115C-407.33
Article 30 Financial Powers of the State Board of Education 115C-408 – 115C-417
Article 31 The School Budget and Fiscal Control Act 115C-422 – 115C-452
Article 31A Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund 115C-457.1 – 115C-457.3
Article 32 State Literary Fund 115C-458 – 115C-459
Article 32E North Carolina Education Endowment Fund 115C-472.16
Article 33 Assumption of School District Indebtedness by Counties 115C-473 – 115C-475
Article 34 Refunding and Funding Bonds of School Districts 115C-481 – 115C-484
Article 34B Qualified Zone Academy Bonds and Qualified School Construction Bonds 115C-489.5 – 115C-489.6
Article 35 Voluntary Endowment Fund for Public Schools 115C-490 – 115C-494
Article 35A College Scholarships 115C-499.1 – 115C-499.4
Article 36 Voted Tax Supplements for School Purposes 115C-500 – 115C-513
Article 37 School Sites and Property 115C-517 – 115C-530
Article 38A Public School Building Capital Fund 115C-546.1 – 115C-546.2
Article 39 Nonpublic Schools 115C-547 – 115C-567.13
Article 41 Personal Education Savings Accounts 115C-590 – 115C-598