§ 15-1-1 Equal access to marriage
§ 15-1-2 Marrying kindred forbidden
§ 15-1-3 Incestuous marriages void
§ 15-1-4 Marriages of kindred allowed by Jewish religion
§ 15-1-5 Bigamous marriages void — Marriage of persons who are mentally incompetent
§ 15-1-6 Declaration of validity of marriage by divorced person
§ 15-1-7 Marriage codification
§ 15-1-8 Recognition of relationships entered into in another state or jurisdiction
§ 15-1-9 Applicability of state laws to marriages not recognized by federal law

Terms Used In Rhode Island General Laws > Chapter 15-1

  • Common law: The legal system that originated in England and is now in use in the United States. It is based on judicial decisions rather than legislative action.
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
  • Life estate: A property interest limited in duration to the life of the individual holding the interest (life tenant).
  • person: extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic. See Rhode Island General Laws 43-3-6
  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.