Chapter 6-1 Filing of Assumed Name
Chapter 6-2 Registration and Protection of Trademarks
Chapter 6-10 Labeling of Thread
Chapter 6-11 Gold and Silver Products
Chapter 6-11.1 Purchase and Sale of Precious Metals
Chapter 6-11.2 Purchase and Sale of Regulated Metals
Chapter 6-13 Unfair Sales Practices
Chapter 6-13.1 Deceptive Trade Practices
Chapter 6-13.2 Comparison Price Advertising for Precious Metal and Stones
Chapter 6-13.3 Environmental Marketing Act
Chapter 6-14 Closing Out Sales
Chapter 6-16 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act
Chapter 6-17 Bucket Shops
Chapter 6-26 Interest and Usury
Chapter 6-26.1 Credit Card Lending
Chapter 6-27 Truth in Lending and Retail Selling
Chapter 6-28 Door-to-Door Sales
Chapter 6-28.1 Unfair Home Improvement Loans to Senior Citizens
Chapter 6-29 Referral Selling
Chapter 6-30 Distribution of Credit Cards
Chapter 6-31 Unit Pricing
Chapter 6-32 Lay-Away Sales
Chapter 6-33 Unsolicited Goods
Chapter 6-34 Construction Indemnity Agreements
Chapter 6-34.1 Law Applicable to Construction Contracts
Chapter 6-35 Highway Accident Agreements
Chapter 6-36 Antitrust Law
Chapter 6-37 Sale of Solid Fuel Burning Stoves, Furnaces, and Similar Appliances
Chapter 6-38 Insulation Contracts
Chapter 6-39 Title to Dies, Molds, and Forms
Chapter 6-40 Mail Order Sales
Chapter 6-41 Uniform Trade Secrets Act
Chapter 6-41.1 Patent Infringement
Chapter 6-42 Checks and Other Instruments — Dishonor
Chapter 6-43 Regulation of the Rental of Video Recordings to Minors
Chapter 6-44 Rental Purchase Agreements
Chapter 6-45 Consumer Enforcement of Assistive Technology Device Warranties
Chapter 6-46 Equipment Dealerships
Chapter 6-47 Internet Access and Advertising by Facsimile
Chapter 6-48 Consumer Empowerment and Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2006
Chapter 6-49 Electronic Mail Fraud
Chapter 6-50 The Rhode Island Fair Dealership Act
Chapter 6-51 The Rhode Island Automobile Repossession Act
Chapter 6-52 Safe Destruction of Documents Containing Personal Information
Chapter 6-53 Purchase and Sale of Tools and Electronics
Chapter 6-54 General Regulatory Provisions The Rhode Island Dealership Preservation And Protection Act
Chapter 6-55 Military Leases of Motor Vehicles