§ 56-7-10 Use of uniform traffic ticket; vesting of jurisdiction; forms; utilization of electronic devices
§ 56-7-12 Verification of insurance coverage upon issuance of traffic ticket; form; penalty
§ 56-7-15 Use of uniform traffic ticket for offense committed in officer’s presence; domestic violence arrests and incident report
§ 56-7-20 Unique identifying numbers on tickets; colors and number of copies; electronic tickets
§ 56-7-30 Printing and ordering traffic tickets; forwarding to court and Department of Motor Vehicles within three business days of issuance to offender; forwarding of disposition information; electronic tickets
§ 56-7-35 Uniform traffic ticket for speeding or disregarding traffic control device; incident to and contemporaneous with traffic stop; delivery; use of photographic evidence; exception for toll collection violation
§ 56-7-40 Penalty for failure to account for ticket, use of nonuniform ticket, or failure to forward ticket
§ 56-7-50 Nonapplicability to certain agencies
§ 56-7-70 Law enforcement officer identification upon stopping a driver
§ 56-7-80 County or municipal uniform ordinance summons

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  • lands: as used in this chapter shall be held to cover and include railroads and all property assessed for benefits. See South Carolina Code 49-19-40