(a) The state energy conservation office shall develop and provide energy and water conservation information for the state.
(b) The state energy conservation office may establish procedures and adopt rules relating to the development and implementation of energy and water conservation measures and programs applicable to state buildings and facilities.

Terms Used In Texas Government Code 447.002

(c) A procedure established or a rule adopted under Subsection (b) may include provisions relating to:
(1) the retrofitting of existing state buildings and facilities with energy-saving or water-saving devices; and
(2) the energy-related or water-related renovation of those buildings and facilities.
(d) To the extent that the governor receives money appropriated for energy and water efficiency measures and programs, the governor, through the state energy conservation office, shall implement measures and programs that the state energy conservation office identifies as encouraging energy or water conservation by state government.
(e) A state agency shall implement an energy or water conservation measure or program in accordance with plans developed under Section 447.009.
(f) The state energy conservation office shall coordinate all water conservation-related activities with the Texas Water Development Board. The board shall assist the office in the development of all proposed water conservation and reuse requirements and provide training and expertise to the office regarding water conservation issues.