(a) The property owners’ association or petition committee shall deliver to each record owner of property in the subdivision a petition describing the exact terms of the proposed extension or modification of the existing restrictions.
(b) The petition must state the date by which a response must be received in order to be counted.

Terms Used In Texas Property Code 210.005

(c) The petition may allow each owner to indicate approval or disapproval of:
(1) the entire proposal; or
(2) specific provisions of the proposal.
(d) Separate signature pages may be delivered if the proposed extension or modification is stated fully or referenced on each signature page. A reference may be made by the following or substantially similar wording: “We the undersigned owners of property in the __________ Subdivision indicate by our signatures on this document our approval or disapproval of the proposal(s) circulated by __________ on or about [date] to [extend or modify] our restrictive covenants. We acknowledge that we have fully reviewed the proposal(s).”
(e) The petition must be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to each owner’s mailing address as reflected in the appraisal records maintained by the appraisal district in which the owner’s property is located.
(f) The signature of an owner on the petition conclusively establishes that the owner received the petition.