§ 43.59.010 Purpose–Finding
§ 43.59.020 Governor responsible for administration of traffic safety program–Acceptance and disbursal of federal funds
§ 43.59.030 Members of commission–Appointment–Vacancies–Governor’s designee to act during governor’s absence
§ 43.59.040 Powers and duties of commission
§ 43.59.050 Meetings–Travel expenses of members
§ 43.59.060 Director of commission–Appointment–Salary
§ 43.59.070 Director’s duties–Staff–Rules and regulations
§ 43.59.080 Governor’s duties as chair
§ 43.59.140 Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug–Information and education
§ 43.59.150 Bicycle and pedestrian safety–Committee

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