Chapter 28A.150 General provisions 28A.150.010 – 28A.150.550
Chapter 28A.155 Special education 28A.155.010 – 28A.155.220
Chapter 28A.160 Student transportation 28A.160.010 – 28A.160.225
Chapter 28A.165 Learning assistance program 28A.165.005 – 28A.165.100
Chapter 28A.170 Substance abuse awareness program 28A.170.050 – 28A.170.095
Chapter 28A.175 Dropout prevention, intervention, and retrieval system 28A.175.010 – 28A.175.160
Chapter 28A.180 Transitional bilingual instruction program 28A.180.010 – 28A.180.110
Chapter 28A.185 Highly capable students 28A.185.010 – 28A.185.060
Chapter 28A.188 Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education 28A.188.010 – 28A.188.092
Chapter 28A.190 Residential education programs 28A.190.010 – 28A.190.060
Chapter 28A.193 Education programs for juvenile inmates 28A.193.005 – 28A.193.900
Chapter 28A.194 Education programs for juveniles in adult jails 28A.194.005 – 28A.194.080
Chapter 28A.195 Private schools 28A.195.010 – 28A.195.090
Chapter 28A.200 Home-based instruction 28A.200.010 – 28A.200.030
Chapter 28A.205 Education centers 28A.205.010 – 28A.205.090
Chapter 28A.210 Health–Screening and requirements 28A.210.010 – 28A.210.385
Chapter 28A.215 Early childhood, preschools, and before-and-after school care 28A.215.010 – 28A.215.070
Chapter 28A.220 Traffic safety 28A.220.010 – 28A.220.900
Chapter 28A.225 Compulsory school attendance and admission 28A.225.005 – 28A.225.330
Chapter 28A.230 Compulsory coursework and activities 28A.230.010 – 28A.230.265
Chapter 28A.232 Alternative learning experience courses 28A.232.005 – 28A.232.020
Chapter 28A.235 Food services 28A.235.010 – 28A.235.170
Chapter 28A.245 Skill centers 28A.245.005 – 28A.245.090
Chapter 28A.250 Online learning 28A.250.005 – 28A.250.080
Chapter 28A.300 Superintendent of public instruction 28A.300.010 – 28A.300.807
Chapter 28A.305 State board of education 28A.305.011 – 28A.305.902
Chapter 28A.310 Educational service districts 28A.310.010 – 28A.310.501
Chapter 28A.315 Organization and reorganization of school districts 28A.315.005 – 28A.315.902
Chapter 28A.320 Provisions applicable to all districts 28A.320.010 – 28A.320.520
Chapter 28A.323 Joint school districts–School districts in two or more educational service districts 28A.323.010 – 28A.323.110
Chapter 28A.325 Associated student bodies 28A.325.010 – 28A.325.050
Chapter 28A.330 Provisions applicable to school districts 28A.330.010 – 28A.330.251
Chapter 28A.335 School districts’ property 28A.335.010 – 28A.335.340
Chapter 28A.340 Small high school cooperative projects 28A.340.010 – 28A.340.100
Chapter 28A.343 School director districts 28A.343.010 – 28A.343.680
Chapter 28A.345 Washington state school directors’ association 28A.345.010 – 28A.345.902
Chapter 28A.400 Employees 28A.400.005 – 28A.400.410
Chapter 28A.405 Certificated employees 28A.405.005 – 28A.405.900
Chapter 28A.410 Certification 28A.410.010 – 28A.410.320
Chapter 28A.415 Institutes, workshops, and training 28A.415.010 – 28A.415.400
Chapter 28A.500 Local effort assistance 28A.500.010 – 28A.500.900
Chapter 28A.505 School districts’ budgets 28A.505.010 – 28A.505.230
Chapter 28A.510 Apportionment to district–District accounting 28A.510.010 – 28A.510.270
Chapter 28A.515 Common school construction fund 28A.515.010 – 28A.515.330
Chapter 28A.520 Forest reserve funds distribution 28A.520.010 – 28A.520.030
Chapter 28A.525 Bond issues 28A.525.010 – 28A.525.310
Chapter 28A.527 School facilities–2008 bond issue 28A.527.005 – 28A.527.902
Chapter 28A.530 District bonds for land, buildings, and equipment 28A.530.010 – 28A.530.090
Chapter 28A.535 Validating indebtedness 28A.535.010 – 28A.535.090
Chapter 28A.540 Capital fund aid by nonhigh school districts 28A.540.010 – 28A.540.120
Chapter 28A.545 Payment to high school districts 28A.545.010 – 28A.545.130
Chapter 28A.600 Students 28A.600.006 – 28A.600.490
Chapter 28A.604 Student user privacy in education rights 28A.604.010 – 28A.604.903
Chapter 28A.605 Parent access 28A.605.010 – 28A.605.040
Chapter 28A.620 Community education programs 28A.620.010 – 28A.620.030
Chapter 28A.623 Meal programs 28A.623.005 – 28A.623.030
Chapter 28A.625 Awards 28A.625.005 – 28A.625.150
Chapter 28A.630 Temporary provisions–Special projects 28A.630.002 – 28A.630.810
Chapter 28A.635 Offenses relating to school property and personnel 28A.635.010 – 28A.635.110
Chapter 28A.640 Sexual equality 28A.640.010 – 28A.640.900
Chapter 28A.642 Discrimination prohibition 28A.642.005 – 28A.642.070
Chapter 28A.645 Appeals from board 28A.645.010 – 28A.645.040
Chapter 28A.650 Education technology 28A.650.005 – 28A.650.901
Chapter 28A.655 Academic achievement and accountability 28A.655.005 – 28A.655.235
Chapter 28A.657 Accountability system 28A.657.005 – 28A.657.130
Chapter 28A.660 Alternative route teacher certification 28A.660.005 – 28A.660.070
Chapter 28A.690 Agreement on qualifications of personnel 28A.690.010 – 28A.690.030
Chapter 28A.700 Secondary career and technical education 28A.700.005 – 28A.700.900
Chapter 28A.705 Interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children 28A.705.010 – 28A.705.020
Chapter 28A.710 Charter schools 28A.710.010 – 28A.710.901
Chapter 28A.715 State-tribal education compacts authority 28A.715.005 – 28A.715.040
Chapter 28A.900 Construction 28A.900.010 – 28A.900.105