Article 1 Short Title, Definitions and General Provisions 46A-1-101 – 46A-1-108
Article 2 Consumer Credit Protection 46A-2-101 – 46A-2-140
Article 2A Breach of Security of Consumer Information 46A-2A-101 – 46A-2A-105
Article 3 Finance Charges and Related Provisions 46A-3-101 – 46A-3-117
Article 4 Regulated Consumer Lenders 46A-4-101 – 46A-4-113
Article 5 Civil Liability and Criminal Penalties 46A-5-101 – 46A-5-108
Article 6 General Consumer Protection 46A-6-107a – 46A-6-110
Article 6A Consumer Protection–New Motor Vehicle Warranties 46A-6A-1 – 46A-6A-9
Article 6B Consumer Protection–Automotive Crash Parts 46A-6B-1 – 46A-6B-6
Article 6C Credit Services Organizations 46A-6C-1 – 46A-6C-12
Article 6D Prizes and Gifts 46A-6D-1 – 46A-6D-10
Article 6E Consumer Protection — Assistive Devices 46A-6E-1 – 46A-6E-7
Article 6F Telemarketing 46A-6F-101 – 46A-6F-703
Article 6G Electronic Mail Protection Act 46A-6G-1 – 46A-6G-5
Article 6H Transfers of Right to Receive Future Payments 46A-6H-1 – 46A-6H-8
Article 6I Consumer Protections in Electronic Transactions 46A-6I-1 – 46A-6I-7
Article 6J Protection of Consumers From Price Gouging and Unfair Pricing Practices During and Shortly After a State of Emergency 46A-6J-1 – 46A-6J-6
Article 6K Good Funds Settlement Act 46A-6K-1 – 46A-6K-5
Article 6L Theft of Consumer Identity Protections 46A-6L-101 – 46A-6L-105
Article 6M Storm Scammer Consumer Protection Act 46A-6M-1 – 46A-6M-6
Article 6N Consumer Litigation Financing 46A-6N-3 – 46A-6N-5
Article 7 Administration 46A-7-101 – 46A-7-115
Article 8 Operative Date and Provisions for Transition 46A-8-101 – 46A-8-102