(1)   Purpose and intent. It is the purpose and intent of this section to provide for a developmental reading program for pupils at all grade levels.

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   (2)   Employment of reading specialists. Each school district shall employ a reading specialist certified by the department to develop and coordinate a comprehensive reading curriculum in grades kindergarten to 12. At the discretion of the state superintendent, a school district may contract with other school districts or cooperative educational service agencies to employ a certified reading specialist on a cooperative basis.
   (3)   Duties of reading specialist. The reading specialist shall:
      (a)    Develop and implement a reading curriculum in grades kindergarten to 12.
      (b)    Act as a resource person to classroom teachers to implement the reading curriculum.
      (c)    Work with administrators to support and implement the reading curriculum.
      (d)    Conduct an annual evaluation of the reading curriculum.
      (e)    Coordinate the reading curriculum with other reading programs and other support services within the school district.
   (4)   School board duties. The school board shall:
      (a)    Develop a program of reading goals for the district for grades kindergarten to 12.
      (b)    Make an assessment of existing reading needs in grades kindergarten to 12 in the district based on the reading goals established under par. (a).
      (c)    Make an annual evaluation of the reading curriculum of the school district.