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North Dakota Code 39-07-13 - Wrecker and towing services to report

The person in charge or the operator of any commercial towing or wrecker service which causes any motor vehicle to be transported to a private residence or business other than a garage or repair shop which shows evidence of having been involved in a reportable accident as provided in section 39-08-09 or of being struck by any bullet shall report or cause a report to be made to a police officer within twenty-four hours after such motor vehicle is transported. The report must give the registration number, and the name and address of the owner, operator, or person in control of such vehicle with a description of the location and type of damage to the vehicle, or any missing parts, along with the location such vehicle was transported to, if the vehicle does not have a sticker on a window thereof issued by a police officer, sheriff, or highway patrolman, bearing information to show that the accident in which the vehicle was involved has been investigated. If the vehicle does bear such a sticker, the towing or wrecker service need not make the report this section requires.

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