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Tennessee Code > Title 55 > Chapter 8 - Operation of Vehicles—Rules of the Road

Tennessee Code > Title 55 > Chapter 8 - Operation of Vehicles—Rules of the Road

Current as of: 2010
§ 55-8-101Chapter and part definitions
§ 55-8-102Provisions refer to vehicles upon highways — Exceptions
§ 55-8-103Required obedience to traffic laws — Penalty
§ 55-8-104Obedience to police officers
§ 55-8-105Persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles
§ 55-8-106Public officers and employees — Exceptions
§ 55-8-107Persons working on highways — Exceptions
§ 55-8-108Authorized emergency vehicles
§ 55-8-109Obedience to any required traffic-control device
§ 55-8-110Traffic-control signals — Inoperative signals with vehicle detection devices for motorcycles — Right of way at signals inoperative due to mechanical failure or accident
§ 55-8-111Pedestrian-control signals
§ 55-8-112Flashing signals
§ 55-8-113Display or sale of unauthorized signs, signals or markings
§ 55-8-114Interference with official traffic-control devices or railroad signs or signals
§ 55-8-115Driving on right side of roadway — Exceptions
§ 55-8-116Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
§ 55-8-117Overtaking a vehicle on the left
§ 55-8-118When overtaking on the right is permitted
§ 55-8-119Limitations on overtaking on the left
§ 55-8-120Further limitations on driving to left of center of roadway
§ 55-8-121No-passing zones
§ 55-8-122One-way roads and rotary traffic islands
§ 55-8-123Driving on roadways laned for traffic
§ 55-8-124Following too closely
§ 55-8-125Driving on divided highways
§ 55-8-126Restricted access
§ 55-8-127Restrictions on use of controlled-access roadway
§ 55-8-128Vehicle approaching or entering intersection
§ 55-8-129Vehicle turning left at intersection
§ 55-8-130Vehicle entering through highway or stop intersection
§ 55-8-131Vehicle entering highway from private road or driveway
§ 55-8-132Operation of vehicles and streetcars on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
§ 55-8-133Pedestrians subject to traffic regulations
§ 55-8-134Pedestrians' right-of-way in crosswalks
§ 55-8-135Crossing at other than crosswalks
§ 55-8-136Drivers to exercise due care
§ 55-8-137Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks
§ 55-8-138Pedestrians on roadways
§ 55-8-139Pedestrians soliciting rides or business
§ 55-8-140Required position and method of turning at intersections
§ 55-8-141Turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited — Penalty
§ 55-8-142Turning movements — Signal for stop or decrease in speed
§ 55-8-143Signals for turns
§ 55-8-144Signals by hand and arm or signal device
§ 55-8-145Obedience to signal indicating approach of train — Penalty
§ 55-8-146All vehicles must stop at certain railroad grade crossings — Statutes not to affect common law right of recovery — Penalty
§ 55-8-147Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad grade crossings
§ 55-8-148Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossings
§ 55-8-149Requirements for stop signs — Vehicles and streetcars must stop at stop signs — Penalty
§ 55-8-150Emerging from alley, driveway or building
§ 55-8-151Overtaking and passing school, youth or church bus — Markings — Discharging passengers — Penalties
§ 55-8-152Speed limits — Penalties
§ 55-8-153Establishment of speed zones
§ 55-8-154Minimum speed regulation — Turnouts — Passing bays — Penalties
§ 55-8-155Special speed limitation on motor-driven cycles — Penalty
§ 55-8-156Special speed limitations — Penalties
§ 55-8-157Charging violations
§ 55-8-158Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residential districts, and entrance or exit ramps of highways
§ 55-8-159Officers authorized to remove illegally stopped vehicles
§ 55-8-160Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specific places — Penalty — Exceptions for disabled veterans and handicapped persons
§ 55-8-161Additional parking regulations
§ 55-8-162Unattended motor vehicles — Unattended vehicles containing medical or hazardous waste — Penalty and liability — Application to utility
§ 55-8-163Limitations on backing
§ 55-8-164Riding on motorcycles
§ 55-8-165Obstruction to driver's view of driving mechanism — Penalty
§ 55-8-166Driving on mountain highways
§ 55-8-167Coasting prohibited — Penalties
§ 55-8-168Following fire apparatus prohibited — Penalty
§ 55-8-169Crossing fire hose — Penalty
§ 55-8-170Putting glass, nails and other substances on highway prohibited — Penalty
§ 55-8-171Operation of bicycles and play vehicles — Penalty — Effect of regulations
§ 55-8-172Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles — Penalty
§ 55-8-173Riding on bicycles — Playing and use of play vehicles — Penalties
§ 55-8-174Clinging to vehicles — Penalty
§ 55-8-175Riding on roadways and bicycle paths — Penalty
§ 55-8-176Carrying articles on bicycles — Penalty
§ 55-8-177Bicycle lamps and brakes — Penalties
§ 55-8-178Regulations governing nonmotor vehicles and animals — Penalty
§ 55-8-179Use of raised identifying cane or blaze orange dog leash restricted to blind or deaf persons — Penalty
§ 55-8-180Pedestrians led by guide dog or carrying identifying cane given right of way — Penalty
§ 55-8-181Rights and duties of motorcycle operator
§ 55-8-182Operation of motorcycles on laned roadways
§ 55-8-183Funeral processions
§ 55-8-184Indication of ownership on traffic control signs, signals, markers or devices — Unlawful possession — Penalty
§ 55-8-185Use of off-highway motor vehicles on highways
§ 55-8-186Responsibility for illegal parking
§ 55-8-187Obscene or patently offensive bumper stickers, window signs, etc., prohibited
§ 55-8-188High occupancy vehicles — Lanes
§ 55-8-189Transporting child in truck bed
§ 55-8-190Street sweeper operation — Liability
§ 55-8-191Operation of low speed and medium speed vehicles — Prohibitions — License
§ 55-8-192Use of mobile telephone by school bus drivers
§ 55-8-193Excessive noise from motor vehicles
§ 55-8-194Vanessa K. Free Emergency Services Training Act of 2005
§ 55-8-195Rules and regulations directing truck tractors and semis to specific lanes on certain highways
§ 55-8-196Attendance at driver education course in county of residence
§ 55-8-197Failure to yield right of way
§ 55-8-198Citations based on surveillance cameras
§ 55-8-199Use of hand-held mobile telephone or personal digital assistant prohibited while driving


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