(a) The department may adopt regulations to set the amount and length of time that a subsidy for a hard-to-place child may be granted.

Terms Used In Alaska Statutes 25.23.210

(b) A subsidy granted by the department under this section may be

(1) paid for a specified length of time not to extend after the child’s 18th birthday; and

(2) a deferred subsidy; in this paragraph, “deferred subsidy” means that no monetary reimbursement is paid to a family but other benefits are paid for the child.

(c) A subsidy granted under this section may not

(1) exceed the existing rate for foster care; or

(2) be changed without the written request or consent of the person caring for the child.

(d) The department shall review whether the amount of a subsidy granted for a child is appropriate on request of the person caring for the child.

(e) Subsidies shall be paid from the same public funds and in the same manner as foster care payments.