R. 65C-16.001 Definitions
R. 65C-16.002 Adoptive Family Selection
R. 65C-16.003 Case Reviews
R. 65C-16.004 Recruitment, Screening and Application Process/Adoptive Applicants
R. 65C-16.005 Evaluation of Applicants
R. 65C-16.007 Abuse Hotline and Registry and Criminal Records Checks
R. 65C-16.009 Adoption Placement
R. 65C-16.010 Adoption Placement – Post-Placement Services
R. 65C-16.011 Confidentiality – Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infected Clients
R. 65C-16.012 Types of Adoption Assistance
R. 65C-16.013 Determination of Maintenance Subsidy Payments
R. 65C-16.014 Post Adoption Services
R. 65C-16.015 Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses
R. 65C-16.016 Access to Closed Adoption Records
R. 65C-16.017 Florida Adoption Reunion Registry
R. 65C-16.019 Intervention in Dependency Cases
R. 65C-16.020 Communication or Contact
R. 65C-16.021 Adoption Benefits for Qualifying Employees of State Agencies and Other Eligible Applicants