§ 13-1801 Definitions
§ 13-1802 Theft; classification; definitions
§ 13-1803 Unlawful use of means of transportation; classification
§ 13-1804 Theft by extortion; classification
§ 13-1805 Shoplifting; detaining suspect; defense to wrongful detention; civil action by merchant; public services; classification
§ 13-1806 Unlawful failure to return rented or leased property; notice; classification
§ 13-1807 Issuing a bad check; violation; classification
§ 13-1808 Presumptions relating to issuing a bad check; proof of presentation; nonpayment; protest; notice
§ 13-1809 Jurisdiction; restitution; fees; deferred prosecution
§ 13-1810 Deferred prosecution of bad check cases
§ 13-1811 County bad check trust fund; use of fund
§ 13-1812 Bank records; subpoenas; affidavit of dishonor; affidavit of loss
§ 13-1813 Unlawful failure to return a motor vehicle subject to a security interest; notice; classification
§ 13-1814 Theft of means of transportation; affidavit; classification
§ 13-1815 Unlawful use of power of attorney; classification
§ 13-1816 Unlawful use, possession or removal of theft detection shielding devices; classification; definition
§ 13-1817 Unlawful possession, use or alteration of a retail sales receipt or universal product code label; classification; definition
§ 13-1818 Misappropriation of charter school monies; violation; classification
§ 13-1819 Organized retail theft; classification
§ 13-1820 Theft of trade secrets; classification; definition