Chapter 1 General
Chapter 2 Appointments, Nominations, Commissions, and Oaths
Chapter 3 Official Bonds
Chapter 4 Resignations and Vacancies
Chapter 5 Obtaining Possession of Office
Chapter 7 Removal from Office
Chapter 8 Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance for Disaster Service Workers and Public Employees
Chapter 8.5 Volunteers
Chapter 9 Travel Insurance of Officers and Employees
Chapter 9.5 Political Activities of Public Employees
Chapter 9.6 Firefighters
Chapter 9.7 Public Safety Officers
Chapter 9.8 Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Act
Chapter 9.9 California Golden Shield Act
Chapter 10 Local Public Employee Organizations
Chapter 10.1 Local Agency Executives
Chapter 10.3 State Employer-Employee Relations
Chapter 10.5 Excluded Employees Bill of Rights
Chapter 10.7 Meeting and Negotiating in Public Educational Employment
Chapter 12 Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations