§ 46b-187 Payment of petitioner’s representatives
§ 46b-207 Support services
§ 46b-208 Powers of support service investigators
§ 46b-211 Participation in proceedings not to confer jurisdiction for other proceedings
§ 46b-215 Relatives obliged to furnish support. Attorney General and attorney for town as parties. Orders
§ 46b-215a Commission for Child Support Guidelines. Duties. Members. Validity of actions taken during vacancy
§ 46b-215b Guidelines to be used in determination of amount of support and payment on arrearages and past-due support
§ 46b-215c Guidelines to be approved by legislative regulation review committee
§ 46b-215d Certain earnings not considered income for purposes of guidelines
§ 46b-215e Initial or modified support order where child support obligor is institutionalized or incarcerated
§ 46b-216 Support of surviving husband or wife by heirs
§ 46b-217 Relief from support
§ 46b-218 Filing of identification and location information with the state case registry
§ 46b-219 No liability for support of deserting parent
§ 46b-220 Suspension of license of delinquent child support obligor. Conditions. Reinstatement
§ 46b-221 Notice to delinquent child support obligors by Commissioner of Social Services re availability of remedy of license suspension
§ 46b-222 Regulations
§ 46b-223 Rules of court
§ 46b-224 Effect of court order changing or transferring guardianship or custody of child on preexisting support order
§ 46b-225 Judicial marshal authorized to serve capias mittimus or copy thereof issued in child support matter
§ 46b-231 Definitions. Family Support Magistrate Division. Family support magistrates; appointment, salaries, powers and duties. Orders. Appeal. Attorney General; duties re actions for support. Department of Social Services; powers
§ 46b-232 Alteration or setting aside of support order by family support magistrate, when
§ 46b-232a Authority of family support magistrates re order for obligor’s participation in program and suspension of or election not to impose support order. Reports
§ 46b-233 Longevity payments
§ 46b-233a Retirement of family support magistrates. Credit for prior service. Amounts used in determining salary. Limitation on retirement salary
§ 46b-234 Report by the Attorney General to IV-D agency re performance standards
§ 46b-235 Applicability of sections in relation to any bargaining unit designation, award, settlement, benefit, existing employment practice or classification of any employee
§ 46b-236 Family support referees