§ 46b-301 Short title
§ 46b-302 Definitions
§ 46b-303 State tribunal and support enforcement agency
§ 46b-304 Remedies cumulative
§ 46b-305 Application of act to resident of foreign country and foreign support proceeding
§ 46b-311 Bases for jurisdiction over nonresident
§ 46b-312 Duration of personal jurisdiction
§ 46b-313 Initiating and responding tribunal of state
§ 46b-314 Simultaneous proceedings
§ 46b-315 Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify child support order
§ 46b-316 Continuing jurisdiction to enforce child support order
§ 46b-317 Determination of controlling child support order
§ 46b-318 Child support orders for two or more obligees
§ 46b-319 Credit for payments
§ 46b-320 Application of act to nonresident subject to personal jurisdiction
§ 46b-321 Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify spousal support order
§ 46b-327 Proceedings under act
§ 46b-328 Proceeding by minor parent
§ 46b-329 Application of law of state
§ 46b-330 Duties of initiating tribunal
§ 46b-331 Duties and powers of responding tribunal
§ 46b-332 Inappropriate tribunal
§ 46b-333 Duties of support enforcement agency
§ 46b-334 Duty of commissioner and Chief Court Administrator
§ 46b-335 Private counsel
§ 46b-336 Duties of state information agency
§ 46b-337 Pleadings and accompanying documents
§ 46b-338 Nondisclosure of information in exceptional circumstances
§ 46b-339 Costs and fees
§ 46b-340 Limited immunity of petitioner
§ 46b-341 Nonparentage as defense
§ 46b-342 Special rules of evidence and procedure
§ 46b-343 Communications between tribunals
§ 46b-344 Assistance with discovery
§ 46b-345 Receipt and disbursement of payments
§ 46b-351 Establishment of support order
§ 46b-352 Proceeding to determine parentage
§ 46b-358 Employer’s receipt of income-withholding order of another state
§ 46b-359 Employer’s compliance with income-withholding order of another state
§ 46b-360 Employer’s compliance with two or more income-withholding orders
§ 46b-361 Immunity from civil liability
§ 46b-362 Penalties for noncompliance
§ 46b-363 Contest by obligor
§ 46b-364 Administrative enforcement of orders
§ 46b-370 Registration of order for enforcement
§ 46b-371 Procedure to register order for enforcement
§ 46b-372 Effect of registration for enforcement
§ 46b-373 Choice of law
§ 46b-377 Notice of registration of order
§ 46b-378 Procedure to contest validity or enforcement of registered support order
§ 46b-379 Contest of registration or enforcement
§ 46b-380 Confirmed order
§ 46b-384 Procedure to register child support order of another state for modification
§ 46b-385 Effect of registration for modification
§ 46b-386 Modification of child support order of another state
§ 46b-387 Recognition of order modified in another state
§ 46b-388 Jurisdiction to modify child support order of another state when individual parties reside in this state
§ 46b-389 Notice to issuing tribunal of modification
§ 46b-393 Jurisdiction to modify child support order of foreign country
§ 46b-394 Procedure to register child support order of foreign country for modification
§ 46b-398 Definitions
§ 46b-399 Applicability
§ 46b-400 Relationship of IV-D agency to United States central authority
§ 46b-401 Initiation by IV-D agency of support proceeding under Convention
§ 46b-402 Direct request
§ 46b-403 Registration of Convention support order
§ 46b-404 Contest of registered Convention support order
§ 46b-405 Recognition and enforcement of registered Convention support order
§ 46b-406 Partial enforcement
§ 46b-407 Foreign support agreement
§ 46b-408 Modification of Convention child support order
§ 46b-409 Personal information; limit on use
§ 46b-410 Record in original language; English translation
§ 46b-416 Grounds for rendition
§ 46b-417 Conditions of rendition
§ 46b-423 Uniformity of application and construction
§ 46b-424 Transitional provision
§ 46b-425 Severability