Chapter 369 Healing Arts 20-1 to 20-7h
Chapter 370 Medicine and Surgery 20-8 to 20-14r
Chapter 372 Chiropractic 20-24 to 20-33
Chapter 373 Naturopathy 20-34 to 20-42a
Chapter 374 Medical Examining Boards 20-43 to 20-49
Chapter 375 Podiatry 20-50 to 20-65e
Chapter 375a Athletic Training 20-65f to 20-65m
Chapter 376 Physical Therapists 20-66 to 20-74
Chapter 376a Occupational Therapists 20-74a to 20-74n
Chapter 376b Alcohol and Drug Counselors 20-74o to 20-74z
Chapter 376c Radiographers, Radiologic Technologists, Radiologist Assistants and Nuclear Medicine Technologists 20-74aa to 20-74uu
Chapter 377 Midwifery 20-75 to 20-86i
Chapter 378 Nursing 20-87 to 20-102z
Chapter 378a Nurse’s Aides 20-102aa to 20-102ff
Chapter 379 Dentistry 20-103 to 20-126g
Chapter 379a Dental Hygienists 20-126h to 20-126x
Chapter 380 Optometry 20-127 to 20-138d
Chapter 381 Opticians 20-139 to 20-162m
Chapter 381a Respiratory Care Practitioners 20-162n to 20-162z
Chapter 381b Perfusionists 20-162aa to 20-162cc
Chapter 382a Behavior Analysts 20-185i to 20-185q
Chapter 382b Central Service Technicians 20-185r to 20-185u
Chapter 382c Phlebotomists 20-185v to 20-185z
Chapter 383 Psychologists 20-186 to 20-195
Chapter 383a Marital and Family Therapists 20-195a to 20-195l
Chapter 383b Clinical Social Workers and Master Social Workers 20-195m to 20-195z
Chapter 383c Professional Counselors 20-195aa to 20-195oo
Chapter 383d Genetic Counselors 20-195pp to 20-195zz
Chapter 383e Psychology Technicians 20-195aaa to 20-195fff
Chapter 383f Music Therapists 20-195ggg to 20-195lll
Chapter 383g Art Therapists 20-195mmm to 20-195rrr
Chapter 383h Community Health Workers 20-195sss to 20-195yyy
Chapter 384 Veterinary Medicine 20-196 to 20-206
Chapter 384a Massage Therapists 20-206a to 20-206l
Chapter 384b Dietitian-Nutritionists 20-206m to 20-206z
Chapter 384c Acupuncturists 20-206aa to 20-206ii
Chapter 384d Emergency Medical Services Personnel 20-206jj to 20-206oo
Chapter 385 Embalmers and Funeral Directors 20-207 to 20-233
Chapter 386 Barbers 20-234 to 20-249
Chapter 387 Hairdressers and Cosmeticians 20-250 to 20-266m
Chapter 387a Tattoo Technicians 20-266n to 20-266s
Chapter 388 Electrologists 20-267 to 20-278g
Chapter 388a Bulk Water Haulers 20-278h
Chapter 389 Public Accountants 20-279 to 20-287
Chapter 390 Architects 20-288 to 20-298b
Chapter 391 Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors 20-299 to 20-310
Chapter 392 Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons 20-311 to 20-329gg
Chapter 393 Electricians, Plumbers, Solar, Heating, Piping and Cooling Contractors and Journeymen, Elevator and Fire Protection Sprinkler Craftsmen, Irrigation Contractors and Journeymen, Gas Hearth Installer Contractors and Journeymen and Residential Stair Lift Tech 20-330 to 20-341
Chapter 393a Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Installers and Cleaners 20-341a to 20-341r
Chapter 393b Mechanical Contractor Organizations 20-341s to 20-341ff
Chapter 393c Major Contractors 20-341gg
Chapter 394 Television and Radio Service Dealers and Electronics Technicians 20-342 to 20-357m
Chapter 395 Sanitarians 20-358 to 20-366
Chapter 396 Landscape Architects 20-367 to 20-377j
Chapter 396a Interior Designers 20-377k to 20-377v
Chapter 397a Audiologists 20-395a to 20-395h
Chapter 398 Hearing Instrument Specialists 20-396 to 20-407
Chapter 399 Speech and Language Pathologists 20-408 to 20-417
Chapter 399a New Home Construction Contractors 20-417a to 20-417z
Chapter 399b Swimming Pool Contractors 20-417aa
Chapter 400 Home Improvement Contractors 20-418 to 20-434
Chapter 400a Asbestos Contractors and Asbestos Consultants 20-435 to 20-449
Chapter 400b Community Association Managers 20-450 to 20-473
Chapter 400c Lead Abatement Consultants, Contractors and Workers 20-474 to 20-483
Chapter 400f Home Inspectors 20-490 to 20-499
Chapter 400g Real Estate Appraisers and Appraisal Management Companies 20-500 to 20-539
Chapter 400h Public Service Gas Technicians 20-540 to 20-552
Chapter 400j Pharmacy 20-570 to 20-639
Chapter 400k Industrial Hygiene and Safety Inspectors 20-640 to 20-649
Chapter 400m Hypnotists 20-660 to 20-669
Chapter 400o Homemaker-Companion Agencies 20-670 to 20-690
Chapter 400p Locksmiths 20-691