(1) Scope of Rule. Pursuant to Chapter 72-53, Laws of Florida, these rules and regulations are adopted to ensure that no detergents reasonably found to have a harmful or deleterious effect on human health or on the environment are sold in Florida after December 31, 1972.
    (2) Definitions.
    (a) “Department” is the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
    (b) “Detergent” is any synthetic surface active product in any form used with water for laundry (including presoaking), household, institutional, industrial, or other washing purposes.
    (c) “Recommended Use Level” means the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer for use per wash load, at which level said detergent effectively will perform its intended function. Said recommendation for use per wash load level shall be that amount generally recommended for the product on the package without reference or regard to other language on the package which relates to geographical location or legal limitation imposed in a particular location.
Rulemaking Authority 403.061(7),(23) FS. Law Implemented 403.061(23) FS., Chapter 72-53, Laws of Florida. History—New 12-30-72, Formerly 17-14.01, 17-14.001, 17-603.100, Amended 12-26-96.