Effective date: 12/16/2018

    (1) The community-based-care (CBC) or sub-contractor agency adoption staff shall inform prospective adoptive parents of the availability of all of the benefits listed below.
    (2) Maintenance Subsidy. A monthly payment may be made for support and maintenance of a special needs child until the child’s 18th birthday.
    (3) Extension of Maintenance Adoption Subsidy. A monthly payment made for support and maintenance of a special needs young adult until the young adult’s 21st birthday.
    (4) Post Adoption Services. Post adoption services shall include:
    (a) Temporary case management;
    (b) Adoptive parents’ support groups or newsletters;
    (c) Information and referral requests; and,
    (d) Assistance to cover the cost of medical, surgical, hospital and related services needed as a result of a physical or mental health condition of the child which existed prior to the adoption.
    (5) Other Medical Services. Other medical services available may include on-going Medicaid coverage and continuing eligibility with Children’s Medical Services for children who were receiving such services prior to adoption.
    (6) Reimbursement for Non-recurring Adoption Expenses. Nonrecurring adoption expenses are those necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorney’s fees, and other expenses that are directly related to the legal adoption of a special needs child.
    (7) Tuition Fee Exemption. Children who were in the custody of the Department and who were adopted from the Department after May 5, 1997, are eligible for an exemption of undergraduate college tuition fees at Florida universities or community colleges as stated in section 1009.25, F.S.
    (8) Federal Adoption Tax Credit. Families that adopt children with special needs are eligible for a tax credit based on expenses related to the adoption or a reimbursable amount based on the year of the adoption finalization. Staff must inform adoptive parents of this tax benefit and the website www.irs.gov to obtain Form 8839, and the instructions for completing Form 8839.
    (9) Adoption assistance for eligible children will be paid irrespective of the child’s state of residence. Adoptive parents receiving adoption assistance are obligated to notify the Department or CBC of any change of address.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 409.166(8). Implements Florida Statutes § 409.166. History—New 2-14-84, Formerly 10M-8.18, 10M-8.018, Amended 8-19-03, 11-30-08, 7-7-16, 12-16-18.