(1) “Child Care for Mildly Ill Children” — means the care of children with short term illness or symptoms of illness or disability, provided either as an exclusive service in a center specialized for this purpose, or as a component of other child care services offered in a distinct part of a regularly licensed child care facility, for a period of less than 24 hours per day.
    (2) “Specialized Child Care Facilities for the Care of Mildly Ill Children” — means a child care facility that provides child care for more than five mildly ill children unrelated to the operator, and receives a payment, fee, or grant for any of the children receiving care. Specialized child care facilities may provide care for mildly ill children in a facility specialized for this purpose or as a component of other child care services offered in a distinct and separate part of a regularly licensed child care facility.
    (3) “Contagious disease” means an infectious disease caused by receiving living germs directly from the person afflicted with the disease, or by contact with a secretion of the afflicted person, or by some object handled or used by an afflicted person.
    (4) “Health Provider Consultant” means a Florida licensed pediatric physician; a Florida licensed family practitioner; a physician’s assistant; an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) with pediatric experience; or a registered nurse with experience in pediatric nursing, who supervises or provides direction to the licensed health caregiver, and is available for consultation.
    (5) “Immediate” means occuring, acting, or accomplished without loss or interval of time.
    (6) “Isolation area” — means a room or a series of rooms within the child care facility for mildly ill children that provides separate airflow, and physical separation, from the rest of the facility. The isolation area must include a separate toilet, handwashing facility and diaper changing area. This area shall be utilized when caring for children with contagious diseases.
    (7) “Licensed Health Caregiver” means, at a minimum, a licensed practical nurse who has knowledge and experience in the routine medical needs of mildly ill children, is trained to perform the written physical assessment, and is under the direction of a health provider consultant.
    (8) “Mildly Ill children” — means children exhibiting illnesses or symptoms of illnesses which have caused or would cause them to be excluded from regular child care settings, as defined in the Child Care Facility Handbook, Section 6.1.D., incorporated by reference in Rule 65C-22.001, F.A.C., and who need special attention and supervision, and meet the admission criteria for mildly ill programs as described in Rule 65C-25.002, F.A.C., of this rule.
    (9) “Sanitize” as it refers to linen, means adding one quarter cup of bleach per gallon of water to the final rinse cycle of the wash, in an effort to eliminate children’s exposure to disease microorganisms.
    (10) “Single-service articles” — means any cups, containers, closures, plates, straws, place mats, napkins, doilies, spoons, stirrers, paddles, knives, forks, wrapping materials and all similar materials which are constructed wholly or in part from paper, paperboard, molded pulp, foil, wood, plastic, synthetic or any other readily destructible material, and are intended by the manufacturer to be for one-time, one-person use, and then to be discarded.
Rulemaking Authority 402.305 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 402.305. History—New 5-21-00, Amended 7-13-03, 11-26-19.