340B-3  Certification.  (a)  Upon board approval the director shall issue certificates entitling qualified individuals to operate wastewater treatment plants.  Each certificate shall indicate the class of wastewater treatment plant for which the individual is qualified.

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes 340B-3

     (b)  The director shall issue a certificate to each applicant who, on June 2, 1978, holds a valid certificate issued to the applicant pursuant to the voluntary program, conducted by the Hawaii water pollution control association for certification of operators of wastewater treatment plants in this State; provided that such applicant files an application with the director.

     (c)  The director may issue a certificate, without requiring a qualifying examination therefor, to an applicant who is an operator satisfactorily operating a wastewater treatment plant on June 2, 1978; provided that such certificate shall be valid only for the operation of that wastewater treatment plant or a similar wastewater treatment plant.