291D-1 Purpose
291D-2 Definitions
291D-3 Applicability
291D-3.5 U-drive vehicles; traffic infractions
291D-4 Venue and jurisdiction
291D-5 Notice of traffic infraction; form; determination final unless contested
291D-6 Answer required
291D-7 Court action after answer or failure to answer
291D-8 Hearings
291D-9 Monetary assessments
291D-10 Restriction on driver’s license and motor vehicle registration
291D-11 Time computation
291D-12 Powers of the district court judge sitting in the traffic division
291D-13 Trial and concurrent trial
291D-14 Rules

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes > Chapter 291D

  • Concurrent trial: means a trial proceeding held in the district or family court in which the defendant is tried simultaneously in a civil case for any charged traffic infraction and in a criminal case for any related criminal offense, with trials to be held in one court on the same date and at the same time. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:6-104
  • Hearing: means a proceeding conducted by the district court pursuant to section 291D-8 at which the person to whom a notice of traffic infraction was issued either admits to the traffic infraction, contests the notice of traffic infraction, or admits to the traffic infraction but offers an explanation to mitigate the monetary assessment imposed. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:6-104
  • Notice of traffic infraction: includes a notice of parking infraction. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:6-104
  • Related criminal offense: means any criminal violation or crime, committed in the same course of conduct as a traffic infraction, for which the defendant is arrested or charged. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:6-104
  • Traffic infraction: means all violations of statutes, ordinances, or rules relating to traffic movement and control, including parking, standing, equipment, and pedestrian offenses, for which the prescribed penalties do not include imprisonment and that are not otherwise specifically excluded from coverage of this chapter. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:6-104
  • Trial: means a trial conducted by the district court pursuant to the rules of the district court and the Hawaii rules of evidence. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:6-104