658G-1 Short title
658G-2 Definitions
658G-3 Applicability
658G-4 Collaborative law participation agreement; requirements
658G-5 Beginning and concluding a collaborative law process
658G-6 Proceedings pending before tribunal; status report
658G-7 Emergency order
658G-8 Approval of agreement by tribunal
658G-9 Disqualification of collaborative lawyer and lawyers in associated law firm
658G-10 Low income parties
658G-11 Governmental entity as party
658G-12 Disclosure of information
658G-13 Standards of professional responsibility and mandatory reporting not affected
658G-14 Appropriateness of collaborative law process
658G-15 Coercive or violent relationship
658G-16 Confidentiality of collaborative law communication
658G-17 Privilege against disclosure for collaborative law communication; admissibility; discovery
658G-18 Waiver and preclusion of privilege
658G-19 Limits of privilege
658G-20 Authority of tribunal in case of noncompliance
658G-21 Uniformity of application and construction
658G-22 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act