(1) For the purpose of any civil action or proceeding brought by a victim of a crime against an offender who committed the crime, for any losses incurred by the victim, which loss was proximately caused by the crime, the limitation periods prescribed by this chapter shall be tolled until one (1) year after the offender has been released from any sentence of incarceration served for that crime and in full satisfaction of the sentence imposed.
(2)  For purposes of this section "full satisfaction of the sentence imposed" means the full-term release date from incarceration for the crime committed against the victim or the full-term release date from incarceration for any other crime for which the offender is serving time concurrently with, or consecutively to, time served for the crime against the victim, whichever is later.

Terms Used In Idaho Code 5-248

  • action: as used in this chapter is to be construed, whenever it is necessary so to do, as including a special proceeding of a civil nature. See Idaho Code 15-5-303