5-201 Limitations in General
5-202 Actions by State
5-203 Action to Recover Realty
5-204 Action Arising Out of Claim to Title or Rents or Profits
5-205 Effect of Entry
5-206 Constructive Possession
5-207 Possession Under Written Claim of Title
5-208 Claim Under Written Instrument — Possession Defined
5-209 Possession Under Oral Claim of Title
5-210 Oral Claim — Possession Defined — Payment of Taxes
5-211 Possession of Tenant — Presumptions
5-212 Descent Cast Does Not Affect Right
5-213 Persons Under Disabilities — Recovery of Real Property
5-214 Actions Other Than for Recovery of Real Property
5-214A Action to Foreclose Mortgage On Real Property
5-215 Action On Judgment or for Mesne Profits of Real Property
5-216 Action On Written Contract
5-217 Action On Oral Contract
5-218 Statutory Liabilities, Trespass, Trover, Replevin, and Fraud
5-219 Actions Against Officers, for Penalties, On Bonds, and for Professional Malpractice or for Personal Injuries
5-220 Actions for Wrongful Seizure by Officers
5-221 Actions On Claims Against County
5-222 Actions On Open Accounts — Accrual of Cause
5-223 Actions to Recover Deposits — Commencement of Limitation
5-224 Actions for Other Relief
5-225 Limitations Apply to State
5-226 Action to Redeem Mortgage
5-227 Partial Redemption
5-228 Action, When Commenced
5-228A Time Limitation — Closure of the Office of the Clerk — Extension of Time
5-229 Absence of Defendant From State
5-230 Persons Under Disabilities — Other Than for Real Property
5-232 Aliens in Time of War
5-233 Reversal of Judgment — New Action
5-234 Action Stayed by Injunction or Statute
5-235 When Disability Must Exist
5-236 Coexisting Disabilities
5-237 Actions Against Directors and Stockholders
5-238 Acknowledgment or New Promise — Effect On Operation of Statute — Effect of Partial Payment
5-239 Actions Barred in Another State
5-240 “Action” Includes Special Proceeding
5-241 Accrual of Actions Arising Out of the Design or Construction of Improvement to Real Property
5-242 Ionizing Radiation Injuries — Purpose of Act
5-243 Limitation of Action for Ionizing Radiation Injuries
5-244 Latent Injury — Effect of Prior Recovery
5-245 Actions to Collect Child Support Arrearages
5-246 Prescriptive Overflow Easements
5-247 Limitation On Suits Against a Firearms or Ammunition Manufacturer, Trade Association or Seller — Limitation On Right to Bring Suit or Recover Damages
5-248 Victims of Crimes