Sec. 1. A person who:

(1) knowingly or intentionally kills another human being;

Terms Used In Indiana Code 35-42-1-1

  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
(2) kills another human being while committing or attempting to commit arson, burglary, child molesting, consumer product tampering, criminal deviate conduct (under IC 35-42-4-2 before its repeal), kidnapping, rape, robbery, human trafficking, promotion of human labor trafficking, promotion of human sexual trafficking, promotion of child sexual trafficking, promotion of sexual trafficking of a younger child, child sexual trafficking, or carjacking (before its repeal);

(3) kills another human being while committing or attempting to commit:

(A) dealing in or manufacturing cocaine or a narcotic drug (IC 35-48-4-1);

(B) dealing in methamphetamine (IC 35-48-4-1.1);

(C) manufacturing methamphetamine (IC 35-48-4-1.2);

(D) dealing in a schedule I, II, or III controlled substance (IC 35-48-4-2);

(E) dealing in a schedule IV controlled substance (IC 35-48-4-3); or

(F) dealing in a schedule V controlled substance; or

(4) except as provided in section 6.5 of this chapter, knowingly or intentionally kills a fetus in any stage of development;

commits murder, a felony.

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