Article 31.5 Definitions
Article 32 General Procedural Provisions
Article 33 Preliminary Proceedings
Article 33.5 Interception of Telephonic or Telegraphic Communications
Article 34 Bringing Criminal Charges
Article 35 Pleading and Procedure
Article 36 Pretrial Notices, Motions, and Procedures
Article 37 Trial Procedure
Article 38 Proceedings Following Dismissal, Verdict, or Finding
Article 40 Victim Rights
Article 40.5 Rights of Sexual Assault Victims
Article 41 Substantive Criminal Provisions
Article 42 Offenses Against the Person
Article 43 Offenses Against Property
Article 44.1 Offenses Against General Public Administration
Article 44.2 Offenses Against State Public Administration
Article 45 Offenses Against Public Health, Order, and Decency
Article 46 Miscellaneous Offenses
Article 46.5 Terrorism
Article 47 Weapons and Instruments of Violence
Article 47.5 Controlled Explosives
Article 48 Controlled Substances
Article 49 Obscenity and Pornography
Article 50 Sentences
Article 52 Criminal Statutes Codified Outside Ic 35
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